Jin BTS’s Post Shows Too Thin Legs

On February 8, netizens across the globe were shocked to see that Jin BTS had too thin legs in a recent Instagram post. The singer was sporting a torn-up pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. The torn-up jeans revealing his skinny legs shocked netizens. Then, fans took to the internet to share their reactions.

Jin BTSs Post Shows Too Thin Legs

During his time in South Korea, BTS was involved in a controversial post that sparked outrage. The fan base responded to Jin’s “too skinny” photo by comparing themselves to other Asian tourists visiting the memorial. This turned into a racist statement because it is often difficult for Asians to read signs in memorials. They also don’t always understand the context of the Holocaust, so their posts and pictures were spread without knowing the full story.

Many people took offense to the comment and criticized BTS for ignoring cultural differences. RM is the heaviest member of BTS and weighs 67 kg/148 pounds. Interestingly, the post went viral with pictures of Namjoon in a Nazi hat. It was easy for these images to spread because they were not the original sources. Then, BTS’s Twitter feeds were full of these images and the controversial tweet was deleted.

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