Jang Won Young’s Viral Photo IVE ‘With’ Sullyoon NMIXX, Who’s Prettier?


Recently, A Netizen Edited A Photo Of Jang Won Young And Sullyoon Standing Next To Each Other. Both Of Them Wore White Clothes And Wore Almost Identical Hair Accessories.

IVE ‘s Jang Won Young and NMIXX ‘s Sullyoon both stole attention for their stunning visuals. What do you think would happen if they took a picture together?

Until now, the competition for the title of top female visual of the 4th generation revolved around famous and beautiful girl groups such as AESPA , IVE, ITZY , STAYC and NMIXX.

Jang Won Young seems to have secured the top spot thanks to his visuals that match netizens’ tastes. He used to have no rivals in terms of visuals until Sullyoon appeared and turned the game around.

Previously, Jang Won Young and Sullyoon had a face-to-face visual battle on the stage of “ Music Bank ,” where NMIXX appeared to promote their debut song “OO” and Won Young served as the MC.

Even though he only debuted last February, Sullyoon really outperformed Jang Won Young with his little doll-like face and fresh and bright aura that day.

Recently, a netizen edited a photo of Jang Won Young and Sullyoon standing next to each other. Both of them wore white clothes and wore almost identical hair accessories. Fans can admire the “double visual” moment of the two female idols born in 2004.

Netizens were amazed when they noticed Jang Won Young and Sullyoon’s harmonious visuals as if they were from the same group. Many people believed that both of them had the aura of a fairy, that they not only had beautiful faces but also luxurious charisma and graceful styles.

However, many people believe that Sullyoon is only attractive when she is alone. When he is with Jang Won Young, his body and charisma seem to be overwhelmed. Korean netizens seem to prefer Jang Won Young’s visuals.

“Their visuals are really amazing! I wish I could live with Sullyoon or Jang Won Young’s face for just one day,” added another netizen.

He has the aura of a star. I thought Sullyoon would be the 4th generation No.1 visual until I saw these photos,” said another. “They are both very beautiful so don’t compare them,” concluded another.


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