Jaechan’s Agency DONGKIZ ‘Semantic Error’ Gives A Statement Regarding The Allegation Of Bullying


The Agency Stated That They Would Continue To Take Strong Legal Action Against False Rumors About Their Artist And Asked Fans Not To Hesitate In Providing Hints.

Bad news recently happened to Jaechan DONGKIZ , the star of the BL drama ” Semantic Error “. The idol was accused of bullying or bullying at school, and his agency is now straightening out the rumors.

DONGKIZ’s label, Dongyo Entertainment, responded to the unpleasant rumors that hit Jaechan through an official statement released today, March 14. Dongyo Entertainment announced that they are taking legal action against false school bullying rumors about Jaechan.

Following previous media reports regarding Jaechan’s school bullying rumors, Dongyo Entertainment released their official statement on DONGKIZ’s official fancafe. “This is Dongyo Entertainment. Thank you DONGKIZ fans who always support DONGKIZ. We are writing to respond to our stance regarding Jaechan’s false rumors circulating in various online communities,” they wrote.

First, Dongyo Entertainment confirmed that the claims made in the post were not true. We have verified with the school before his debut because this is a serious problem in our society,” they said.

Second, the agency is waiting for the results after taking legal action. We have sued the original accuser for spreading false information and defamation on March 4, 2022.”

Dongyo Entertainment continued, “And we are monitoring other posts about the same matter. We announced that the police have been handling this case starting today (March 14) and they are starting an investigation. We are monitoring the legal process in real-time.”

The agency stated that they would continue to take strong legal action against false rumors about their artist and asked fans not to hesitate in providing hints if they came across malicious posts about their artist.

We ask for your understanding that there was a delay in the official notification as we had to cooperate with the investigators. We once again firmly confirm that the rumors currently spreading are false. We will not tolerate the act of stepping on a blooming flower behind anonymity in the future as well. Thank you love,” concluded Dongyo Entertainment.


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