Han So Hee Talks About Failure Through Film Scenes


Recently, Han So Hee Again Made Fans Curious With The Meaning Of Her Post On Instagram Which Showed Footage Of The Movie Scene Along With The Translation.

Often the uploads made by Han So Hee attract attention. Recently, he re-uploaded his latest photo showing footage of a scene from a Western film with its translation.

On Tuesday (15/3), Han So Hee uploaded three photos on Instagram without any description. In the photos, a scene from the film ” Adult World ” which was released in 2013 is uploaded by the actress.

Han So-hee attracted attention by uploading a scene where a man sends comfort by telling a woman on his Instagram. It begins with a scene showing actors John Cusack and Emma Roberts engaged in a conversation.

The scene in the film that Han So Hee revealed is the part where the female protagonist replies, “I failed a lot too.” Then from the male protagonist’s question it is written, “What do you think about failure? These days, it seems that all the best is failure.”

“Okay, keep failing,” the man pushed her in response. “It’s okay to fail,” the man continued. Thanks to this upload, netizens also gave their personal comments to support Han So Hee, who seemed to be expressing something from her Instagram upload.

“Failure is the beginning of success. Han So Hee is enthusiastic,” commented the fan. “I love whatever you do, I love you,” another commented. “It’s okay to fail since we’re here!” write another.

Although it is not known exactly what she is experiencing from the upload, it seems that Han So Hee is trying to give a positive message to fans about failure. Even for himself that was conveyed in secret.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will appear in the Disney+ original series ” Soundtrack #1 ” which is scheduled to be released on March 23. “Soundtrack #1” is a romantic music drama in which two men and women who have been best friends for 20 years. They know each other’s feelings while living in the same house for 2 weeks.


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