Called Sexy, Park Min Young Responds To Her Bed Scene With Song Kang In Drama


‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Has Aired 10 Episodes. The Drama Is Scheduled To Have 16 Episodes Before Being Replaced By ‘My Liberation Diary’ Starting April.

Park Min Young and Song Kang are currently acting for the drama ” Forecasting Love and Weather “. Just the beginning of the broadcast, these two actors had to do some hot kisses accompanied by bed scenes at once.

In an interview with The Swoon channel recently, Park Min Young responded to the bed scene. At that time he was being interviewed with other “Forecasting Love and Weather” players ranging from Song Kang, Yura to Yoon Park.

Song Kang is on the other hand wearing headphones so he can’t hear the “Forecasting Love and Weather” cast. At that time, The Swoon team asked if they thought Song Kang was a sexy figure?

“I never felt that from him in everyday life,” replied Yoon Park. “He’s more like a puppy,” said Yura. “We always see him with his jacket and earplugs,” added Park Min Young.

However, Yura suddenly said that Song Kang was sexy in the bed scene in “Forecasting Love and Weather”. She did! Remember the bed scene?” Yura said.

About the bed scene, Park Min Young finally said, “Ah our bed scene? There’s so much action. It’s all about teamwork.” While Yura said again, “You’re almost like this.”

“Forecasting Love and Weather” itself tells about the work and love life of the people in the Korean Meteorological Administration (BMKG in Indonesian terms).

Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love and Weather” has aired 10 episodes. The drama is scheduled to have 16 episodes before being replaced by ” My Liberation Diary ” starting next April. Don’t miss watching it.


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