Birthday Spotlight – Happy Jeon Somi Day

This year, Somi turns 22 years old and is celebrating her birthday in style! She started out as a boy band member with the hit song “BIRTHDAY”, which he sang on V Live. She’s been lighting up the live stage ever since! However, she has been dividing the attention of her fans between herself and her backup dancer. The backup dancer is not only adorable with her long black hair and fair skin, but her dancing skills are also impressive.



After debuting with “Birthday,” Somi has been lighting up the live stage with her energetic performances. Fans have also been captivated by her backup dancer, who has been divided between the two of them. While Somi has captured the attention of her fans in recent weeks, her backup dancer has captured the attention of the general public. The backup dancer, with her long black hair and fair skin, is also garnering plenty of attention. The singer’s dancing abilities are impressive, and her charismatic personality makes her a favorite of many.

During her birthday, Somi’s debut single, “Birthday,” was widely popular. The singer has been lighting up live stages all over the world, but one of her backup dancers is dividing the attention of fans. Known for her glowing visuals and a voluminous hairstyle, the dancer has gained the hearts of her fans. In the midst of this, the backup dancer has been winning the hearts of many people around the world.

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