8 Unique Appearance Styles Ala Ku Hye Sun, After Exploring Being A Model And Director Of Underwear Ads

Ku Hye Sun Is Reported To Be A Model And Also In Charge Of Directing A TV Commercial For An Underwear Brand. Apart From This, Ku Hye Sun Herself Is Known As An Actress Who Has Appearances With Many Styles. From Unique To Casual

Shocking news came from Ku Hye Sun. The 37-year-old actress was reported to be the advertising model for TRY, the flagship brand of famous Korean underwear company Ssang Bang Wool. It didn’t stop there, Ku Hye Sun was also responsible for the brand’s TV commercial director.

Ku Hye Sun will later compose and suggest a commercial scenario about TRY. It is said that he will describe the comfort of the product from the underwear and emphasize the motif design. Ku Hye Sun herself also has a track record as a director. He had directed a short film and managed to achieve success.

Apart from this, Ku Hye Sun herself is known as an actress who has appearances with many styles. Starting from the most unique to girl crush. Like what? Have a peek here!

1. Dream Of Being A Singer
As a teenager Ku Hye Sun had a dream of being a singer instead of an actress. While in high school, he started a band with his schoolmates. Ku Hye Sun became one of the ulzzangs at that time and put off wanting to become a singer.

2. Actress Debut
Ku Hye Sun joined the agency YG Entertainment and hopes to become a singer. However, Hyeon Seok Yang, CEO of YG entertainment, advised him to pursue a career in acting instead of music. Ku Hye Sun made her debut in 2004 through ” Drama City “. Her name is increasingly known after starring in the drama ” Nonstop ” season 5 in 2005. Ku Hye Sun’s role as Geum Jandi in the drama ” Boys Over Flowers ” made her name more and more famous throughout East and Southeast Asia following the success of the drama.

3. Talent In Music
Ku Hye Sun is known as a multitalented celebrity. He is talented in the field of music by showing his golden voice as the soundtrack in a number of dramas. Among them “Happy Birthday To You” OST ” Nonstop 5 ” OST”, “Fly Again” OST ” Take Care of Us, Captain ” and “Sarang Ga (Love Story)” for ” Pure in Heart “. several singles such as “Brown Hair”, “Breathe” (Instrumental Album), “Marry Me”, “Flying Galaxy”, “Its You”, “Floral Rain” and “Must”.

4. Publish Novels And Books
In 2009 Ku Hye Sun also tried to develop her talent in writing. On April 1, 2009 iq published a novel entitled “Tango”. The novel exploded in the market and within a week had sold over 30,000 copies. Ku Hye Sun returned to writing books in 2010 entitled “The Making of Magic” and “The Peach Tree” in 2012.

5. Enter The World Of Director
Like a versatile celebrity, Ku Hye Sun also ventured into the world of film as a director. He directed a short film called ” The Cheerful Caretaker ” in 2009. Through this film, Ku Hye Sun also doubles as a story writer, editor, and music composer. “The Cheerful Caretaker” was screened at the 2009 Busan Asian Short Film Festival and received an Audience Award. This film was also included in the Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009. So cool!

6. Celebrity Achievements
In her work in the entertainment world, Ku Hye Sun has also won a victory trophy. He won the best couple award with Lee Min Ho in the drama “Boys Over Flowers”, 6th Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards (Taiwan): Best Asian Female Star and many more.

7. Had Time To Open A Painting Exhibition
The actress and singer who was born on November 9, 1984, opened her first painting exhibition at the La Mer Insadong gallery, Seoul in 2009. Other actors in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon took the time to come to the opening of the exhibition.

8. Gain In The World Of Modeling
Ku Hye Sun is also known as a model, commercial star and appears in video clips. Ahn Jae Hyun ‘s ex-wife has modeled in various popular magazines and has appeared in various advertisements for electronic products to food. Ku Hye Sun also had a hiatus in the entertainment world for 3 years.

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