2022 Grammy Awards: Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Present So The Reason Selena Gomez Is Absent?


Selena Gomez Did Not Attend The 2022 Grammy Awards Despite Receiving A Nomination For The First Time. Is It True Because Of The Presence Of His Ex-Lover, Justin Bieber With Hailey Baldwin At The Same Event?

The prestigious music award event which is held annually at the 2022 Grammy Awards has been completed on Sunday (3/4) or Monday (4/4) morning WIB. The event, which was attended and enlivened by a number of famous musicians, was broadcast live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

Justin Bieber was also one of the invited guests as well as performers to enliven the 2022 Grammy Awards stage. The 28 musician even included his wife, Hailey Baldwin at the event https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=jaredleto.morbius-marvel-cinema-streaming.

Justin appeared in a loose suit and a light pink beanie hat. He also completes his cool look with sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Hailey was present in a beautiful white dress. She looks beautiful and fresh with her hair ponytailed back.

Meanwhile, fans questioned the presence of Justin’s ex-lover, Selena Gomez . The reason is, not a few fans are expecting Selena’s arrival at the 2022 Grammy Awards. Given, Selena had received a Grammy nomination.

What’s more, the day before the 2022 Grammys, Selena changed her hairstyle. That’s why, fans suspect that Selena cut her hair in preparation for the 2022 Grammys.

The public then flocked to storm Selena’s latest post. They asked about the reason Selena was not at the 2022 Grammys.

Interestingly, not a few suspected that Selena’s absence at the Grammys was due to the presence of Justin and Hailey at the event. As is known, Selena’s name is still often involved in Justin and Hailey’s marriage.

” I think it’s because of the *** juice. Selena didn’t come, but who knows ,” guessed one fan. ” This is his first nomination, why is he not present ,” asked another fan. ” Selena avoids all the places that Justin goes to,” said another fan. ” Selena doesn’t want to see Justin ,” said another fan.


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