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Here’s a look at which TV series are coming to Paramount+ in September 2022.
Over the past decade, classic cable has become a secondary provider for entertainment as streaming services are taking over. Due to the popularity of Netflix, more and more streaming services have cropped up, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+. Indeed, Paramount+, per Pocket Lint, has only been in existence since March 2021, and provides viewers different subscription packages, from Premium (for $9.99/month and no ads) to Essential ($4.99/month with ads).
Despite Paramount+'s youth, it has provided a variety of phenomenal content since its inception. From housing classic TV series like the CSI franchise to offering new releases like Orphan: First Kill, Paramount+ has proven itself a worthy contender against bigger platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. While not many new releases are coming out next month, these are the best TV series coming to Paramount+ in September 2022.
Ink Master is a long-running competition TV series in which world-renowned tattoo artists face off against one another in a variety of challenges to see who is worthy of the title "Ink Master." Kicking off its first season with reasonable success, Ink Master has only grown over the years, featuring a number of well-known tattoo artists and enthusiasts as judges, like Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck. The show was originally canceled in 2020, but Paramount+ has since decided to bring the beloved series back for 10 more episodes, which will premiere September 7.
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The CBS drama The Good Fight picks up after the events of The Good Wife, when Maia Rindell is forced to seek financial assistance from her godmother Diane Lockhart as Maia's reputation as a lawyer is destroyed from the financial scam. The pair joins forces with Lucca Quinn, determined to rebuild their careers and social lives. The Good Fight made its premiere back in 2017 and has continued to progress with a total of six seasons so far. The series has been met with a great deal of praise, earning a staggering 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Featuring stars like Christine Baranski (reprising her role from The Good Wife) and Cush Jumbo, The Good Fight is a must-watch. September 8 marks the premiere of The Good Fight season 6, which sadly also be its last.
American Gigolo is a TV series remake of the eponymous 1980 film, written and directed by Paul Schrader. Starring The Punisher's Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye, the series follows Julian as he navigates life, sex work, and relationships after being released from prison (having served a 15-year sentence after being wrongfully convicted). Unfortunately, for American Paramount+ subscribers, American Gigolo will not be available to stream; instead, it will premiere on Showtime on September 9. UK subscribers, however, will be able to stream the highly anticipated series, beginning September 10.
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