‘Memories of Murder’ Kwon Byung-gil passed away, aged 76…Leaving behind half a century of acting life [Comprehensive]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kang Seo-jeong] Senior actor Kwon Byung-gil (real name Kwon Byeong-geun) passed away. He is 76 years old.

As a result of OSEN coverage on the 12th, Kwon Byung-gil passed away on the same day. His mortuary was set up at the funeral hall of the Central Veterans Hospital located in Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

The deceased made his debut in 1968 with the play ‘The Barren Land’ and has been active in films, dramas, and plays, appearing in hundreds of works for over 50 years.

Dramas ‘Do as you please’, ‘Special Investigation Diary: The Case of Building No. 1’, ‘General Hospital 2’, ‘I Believe in Love’, ‘Sign’, ‘The Great Gift’, ‘Iris 2’, ‘Three Days’, ‘Hogu’ ‘s love’, etc.

Also, the films ‘My Love, My Bride’, ‘Take the Money and Run’, ‘The Scent of Chrysanthemums’, ‘Public Enemy’, ‘Memories of Murder’, ‘Eraser in My Head’, ‘Those People’, ‘Fight’ Skills’, ‘The Host’, ‘Sugar Cube’, ‘Barefoot Gibong’, ‘Gourmet’, ‘Seven Days’, ‘Beautiful Island’, ‘Mother’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Namyeongdong 1985’, ‘The Taste of Money’ ’, ‘Hell Money’, and ‘My Unnie’.

In addition, the deceased, who had been active in the theater world for a long time, continued his activities steadily by standing on the stage of ‘Sage of Sichuan’ last year, including ‘Don Quixote’, ‘Hamlet’, and ‘Bald Singer’.

In particular, the late Kwon Byung-gil said in the movie ‘Public Enemy’, “Isn’t this too much? XX” is well known as a buzzword.

The deceased served as the chairman of the Gyeonggi Culture Center and won the ‘Modern Theater Award’ acting award, the ‘Dong-A Theater Award’ male acting award, the ‘International Association of Dramatic Arts’ Younghee Theater Award, and the ‘Best Artist of the Year’ in the theater category.

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