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Meet Cute Web Series ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Trying Hard To Be Feel Good
Meet Cute Web Series ReviewWhat Is the Anthology About?
Meet Cute is a unique anthology series that deals with conversations between strangers when they meet for the first time. The topics are unexpected, and moments are etched in the memory forever.
Meet The Boy, Old Is Gold, In L(love)AW, Star Struck, and Ex-Girlfriend are the shorts which deal with various topics related to marriages and couples like marriage ( before and after), the fights and proposals.
Each episode has two main leads and one supporting part who appears in the background. Among the five, Rohini and Aakanksha Singh’s segment stands out easily. The instant relatability brought out by Rohini, and the chemistry the two share, which moves from awkwardness to friendliness, are all well conveyed by them. Surekha Vani is decent and so is Deekshit Shetty as the son cum lover.
Sathyaraj tries hard to be simple and earnest and succeeds partially. Ruhani is okay, whereas Raja Chembolu is his usual self. Varsha Bollamma overdoes her free-spirited act, while Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan doesn’t get enough meat to deliver anything notable.
Meet Cute Web Series ReviewShiva Kandukuri is bland, which goes well with the boring character he is playing. But, the key moments that require depth and intensity are missing for the same reason. Adah Sharma seems to be enjoying her time even though there is hardly anything worthwhile featuring her.
And finally, Sanchita Poonacha and Sunainaa try their best but fail to rise above the utterly boring and superficial content they have on hand. Govind Padmasoorya registers in a few scenes, making one wish there was more of him in the segment.
Meet Cute Web Series ReviewAnalysis
Deepthi Ghanta directs Meet Cute. It is a combination of five shorts involving different sets of actors. They come together with unique issues and backgrounds.
Among the five, In L(ove)AW is easily the best and stands out. The casting is perfect, as mentioned earlier. It then helps in lifting the simple moments to the next level. Something that is missing in all other shorts. What it also does is ground the sweetness a bit.
The screenplay is engaging in that despite the predictability; one is hooked to the proceedings. The actors do a good job of elevating the written material, which is alright. The middle portions, which involve the conversation between the soon-to-be mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, are well done. The pauses are timed well, and so are laughs and awkwardness. The message and fun are neatly mixed to give the right feel-good appeal.
Meet The Boy and Old Is Gold follow next at the second spot. The number is merely a technicality here. All the shorts are several notches down the best one. Meet The Boy suffers from too much lag. Despite its short length, it feels longer as a result.
A girl is asked out on a partial date of sorts on the first meeting with only the night at hand. The boy has to impress her to get the nod of approval for the marriage. There is a lot to do here to get across that drama. However, the key moments to transfer the feelings are kept short, and a lot of time is wasted on superficial details like the location, setting, looks etc. The depth is missing as a result, and hence, the short fails to leave the mark.
Old Is Gold suffers from too much sweetness. The conversations border on artificiality as a result. The setup, the lighting and the dialogues all lead to the feeling. The message is relevant to couples and eventually gets to the point. But, it could have been done more groundedly.
Star Struck and Ex-Girlfriend are the most boring of the lot. It won’t be a surprise if one fast-forwards them while watching. The conversations are exposition-heavy. They talk about their likes and dislikes most mechanically and try to pass it off classily. The out is anything but classy and reeks of artificialness. It is an issue with most of the shorts, but we feel the effect mostly in these two.
Overall, despite a unique premise for an anthology, the output is far from satisfactory to have an impact. The good production values, the music and other technical efficiencies hold some value, but ultimately where it matters, the content, Meet Cute suffers.
Meet Cute Web Series ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Technically, Meet Cute is fine for an OTT outing. The music takes the cake here, which is refreshing. Vijai Bulganin does an excellent job with the songs, which easily stand out in each short. The background score could have been better, though. It adds to the artificialness here. A Vasanth’s cinematography is generally good, but the in-your-face colours could have been toned down to make the whole thing look a little grounded. Garry BH’s editing is alright. A few episodes could have been crisply cut. The writing is a weak link as it appears formulaic, lacking depth and flavour.
In L(ove)AW
Production Values
Too Much Forced Sweetness
Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts
Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations
Meet Cute Web Series Review by Mirchi9
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