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It’s been quite a while since fans last saw Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but they needn’t worry, as Insomniac has confirmed a new release window.
Insomniac Games has been a consistent money-maker for PlayStation over the last two decades, releasing a slew of Ratchet and Clank games over the years, as well as developing the original Spyro trilogy. A few years ago, PlayStation asked Insomniac to create any Marvel game it wanted, and luckily for everyone, it chose Spider-Man. Flash forward a few years, and Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man series is now a flagship PlayStation property, and one of the best-selling game series of all time. Things are only set to get better next year, when Marvel's Spider-Man 2 releases.
Officially announced all the way back in September 2021, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a direct continuation of the last two Insomniac Spider-Man games, following both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they battle Kraven the Hunter and Venom, presumably equipped with a whole new range of gadgets and tricks. Though it's had a tentative 2023 release window for some time, Sony and Insomniac have just officially confirmed that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will release in Fall 2023, and that's great news for fans.
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Since Marvel's Spider-Man 2's first announcement back in September 2021, there's been no official information about the game. In the year that's followed, no more trailers, gameplay sequences, or even screenshots have been released, and Insomniac has stayed very tight-lipped on the subject, rarely even mentioning it in interviews. Though an initial release window of 2023 was given, some fans had begun to suspect that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 might take a little longer than that.
The gaming industry is still very much feeling the effects of the COVID pandemic, with the vast majority of game studios still working from home at least a few days a week. Though it isn't nearly as bad as when the pandemic first swept the world, these conditions can still slow down production pretty significantly, and even the top publishers and developers have had to delay their games several times over the last few years to compensate for it. For a while there, it seemed as though Marvel's Spider-Man 2 might meet a similar fate, but according to the recent announcement by Sony and Insomniac, fans don't need to worry about that anymore.
Sony and Insomniac Games have confirmed that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be releasing in the window of Fall 2023. While there's always room in the gaming industry for release dates to shift and change, especially in the current climate, Insomniac has always been excellent at keeping to its scheduled release dates. In recent memory, the only time Insomniac Games has delayed one of its titles is when it couldn't find the right distributor for its Ratchet and Clank movie, and the 2016 reboot was delayed so that it would release alongside it. Insomniac was also recently able to produce both Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart within just 6 months of each other, which is extremely impressive considering both games were highly polished AAA ventures.
Sony and Insomniac's recent announcement also confirmed that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. While this is disappointing for those fans stuck on past-gen consoles, it does mean that Insomniac is able to really push the boundaries for this sequel, and make it even more expansive than both the first game and Miles Morales. It seems as though the industry is just now hitting that part of the console generation cycle when developers finally stop developing for the previous console generation, and focus on pushing the current-gen hardware to its limits.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is expected to release in the Fall of 2023 on PS5.
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