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Madmind Studio Reveals New Gameplay Footage and Release Dates During Its MADNIGHT 2023 Showcase [Video]Psychological Horror Title ‘Anthology of Fear’ Arrives March 17th on Steam
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Madmind Studio has once again done a roundup of their upcoming titles for fans with the MADNIGHT 2023: Horror Showcase. In addition to showing off gameplay for several titles, we now have tentative release dates for long-in-development titles like Tormentor and Paranoid, and even a port of Succubus!
Per the MADNIGHT presentation below and the press release, Madmind Studio has dropped new gameplay footage for their upcoming psychological horror title Paranoid, which now has a tentative release date of Halloween 2023 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series. Paranoid is a first-person horror title set in the 80s that tells the story of one Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man whose entire family has been lost under mysterious circumstances. The resulting trauma has caused Patrick’s psyche to crumble, with his apartment now becoming his prison. One day, Patrick receives a phone call from someone who sounds like his sister. Patrick makes the choice to leave his apartment in order to discover the truth. In doing so, he exposes himself to nightmarish experiences that threaten to destroy what’s left of his sanity.

Meanwhile, the Dungeon Keeper-esque dungeon management game Tormentor has its sights set on a 2024 release. Players take on the role of the eponymous Tormentor, who manages an abandoned prison. You’re in need of an experimental drug to help combat your progressing illness, and as such, you’ve resorted to hosting live-streaming events on the dark web where victims that have already been sentenced to death are tortured in the prison. After their torture, they’re set loose to battle to the death in the labyrinth of the prison against you.

Madmind has also announced a new IP in the form of Sanctus. Details on the game are still to be revealed, but according to Madmind, there are “big names” attached to the project. For starters, Polish fantasy writer Jacek Piekara (who’s also having his I, The Inquisitor books being adapted for a video game) is heading up the screenplay, while Polish actress Matylda Damięcka will play the role of the main character.

Madmind Studios’ spin-off to Agony in Succubus will finally make the leap to consoles in 2023. Originally released on Steam back in 2021, Succubus will arrive on the PlayStation 4 “the first quarter of 2023”.

Announced last year, Agony Lords of Hell also made an appearance during the showcase with the intro to one of the levels in the game, presented in the form of a 2D animation. The upcoming strategy game will have a demo, along with a Kickstarter campaign soon.

For you VR fans, the MADNIGHT showcase also revealed two of Madmind Studio’s upcoming VR projects in the form of Agony Unrated VR and Succubus: Hellish Orgy VR. Both titles are set for release Q1 2023. Whereas Agony Unrated VR is a straight up reworking of Agony Unrated, Hellish Orgy VR sees you become the servant of Queen Vydija, and tasked to do everything to satisfy her macabre desires.

Inside Us is the first multiplayer title developed by Madmind Studio: After Hours, and is expected in 2023. The story sees up to four players in a dream, where you will travel through the scariest corners of nightmares and the darkness that can poison your mind in the blink of an eye. Together, you will overcome all the tasks and obstacles waiting for you.

A collaboration with Eat People Not Animals, Sharp X Mind is a weird adventure game involving you being arrested and found guilty of a series of horrific murders. Sentenced to death, you are interned in a maximum security prison.

Lastly, there was Black Rat Studio’s HELP ME!, which had its Kickstarter launched last month. Taking place in present-day Kazakchstan, HELP ME! centres on a man named Maxim. Maxim’s father is missing, and the only connection to his disappearance is Maxim’s mysterious nightmares. However, as more family secrets are revealed, the more the line between Maxim’s dreams and reality blurs.

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The series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” has plenty of representation in Evil Dead: The Game, and we’ve learned that the next DLC pack will bring even more “Ash vs Evil Dead” love into the mix.
The team tweets today, “The Book of the Dead never lets anyone off easy. Ash vs Evil Dead DLC arrives early next year! What are you most hoping to see?”
Along with the tweet, they’ve also showed off a sneak-peek at a new Pablo (Ray Santiago) skin that’ll be included with the DLC update, and you can check that out below.
Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game features single-player and co-op gameplay, promising to be the ultimate Evil Dead experience in the world of video games. Several characters from the movies and TV series are playable in the game at launch, along with four different versions of Deadite-slaying horror hero Ash Williams.
In the game, “Work together as a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, crafting, managing your fear, and finding key artifacts to seal the breach between worlds. Or take control of the powerful Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash and his friends while possessing Deadites, the environment, and even the survivors themselves as you seek to swallow their souls.”

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