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Loyola School Jamshedpur is all set to take Platinum Jubilee celebrations to the next level on the 75th anniversary of its establishment. After various events held throughout the year, a mega three day event will be on 16, 17 and 18 December.
A spectacular program is to be organized afterwards. These programs will make this special event very special. There will be music, there will be fun and there will be a blast of alumni.
Addressing a press meet, Father Pius Fernandes, Principal, Loyola School, and Rajiv Talwar, chairman of organising committee said that Platinum Jubilee celebrations will start from 10 am on 16 December.The Return of Kabuliwala will be the main attraction. The main attraction of 16 December will be the musical drama titled The Kabuliwala Return at 5 pm.
Kabuli Wala Returns Poetry will see the participation of 500 students of the school, who are from class II to XI.
Together five shows will be organized. Three in the morning and two in the evening. The play will be performed in several languages that includes Afghan, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, English.
The story narrates what happens between a little girl and a Pathan. What happens to their friendship when Pathan returns to his country. In this, this story has been presented in the form of a poetic composition. relations between two nations. The twist that comes from that has also been included in this story.
The Kabuliwalla, a poignant tale of friendship between a precocious little girl and a spirited Pathan has enthralled readers for generations.
What happens to friendship after the Pathan goes back to his country? How does this bond between two people metamorphosize into a bond between two nations?
What are the invisible chords that tug at the heart of the Kabuliwalla and make him long to return to the beautiful country that is Hindustan?
In a world that is “broken up into fragments by domestic walls,” the narrow students of Loyola School Jamshedpur are making an attempt to highlight the rich diversity and plurality of Incredible India.
Students will try to showcase the diversity of India. Even after this, the fanfare of December 16 will continue. A program called Antriksh in the evening in the basketball court of the school will be held. With this the evening of 16th will come to an end.
From leadership talk to sports events on 17 The day of 17th December will start with a city tour at 9 am itself. City tour under Loyola alumni will be conducted. Along with this, the sporting event will also start at 9 o’clock. Under this, handball and basketball competitions will be organized. Sports events will be organized from 9 to 11 am. 10 am for students. Breakaway session will be started. First leadership talk will be presented by Air Vice Marshal Tejbir Singh. Shantanu Das will present the mode of Indian classical guitar, then Mahesh Aane and Bubblegum film show will be screened.
On the same day in the evening, once again there will be a gathering of music and fun. Live musical concert at 5.30 pm will be held. Breeden and
Parth teamed up with alumni for this live music concert at Fasy Auditorium.
Standup comedy show by Manish Tayagi will be organized on 18th December at 11.00 am at Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.
On the occasion, vice principal Jayanti Sheshadri, Vineeta F Ekka and Savak Patel were present.


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