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What date will Love Today release worldwide for OTT streaming and how can you watch this impressive Tamil rom-com online?
Everyone loves an underdog story and for the film industry, that comes from small-budget productions becoming international box office blockbusters.
One such story is that of Love Today, a Tamil-language romantic comedy that earned an outstanding Rs 70 Crore at the global box office off of just a Rs 5 Crore budget.
As fans countdown to the OTT release, we breakdown when Love Today will premiere and how you can watch the rom-com online.
Love Today is a Tamil-language romantic comedy-drama that is written, directed, and starring Pradeep Ranganathan.
The movie tells the story of Uthaman Pradeep, a 24-year-old software engineer in Chennai, who is in a long-term relationship with a colleague called Nikitha. One day, Pradeep asks Nikitha’s highly religious father Venu for permission for the pair to marry; however, Venu has one condition that must be met.
Venu demands that both Pradeep and Nikitha swap phones and all passwords for a day, if they both still love each other by the end of the exchange, he will give permission for them to marry.
Unfortunately, what the two find on each other’s phones will put their relationship to the ultimate test; can the pair survive the distrust that comes from saving an ex-partner’s messages or adult film searches in browsing history?
“For all those who’ve wondered what would happen if they exchanged phones with their partner, we’ve got the answer.” – Love Today caption, via Netflix India.
Disclaimer: Exchanging phones with your partner might be injurious to your
relationship 💔🥺

Love Today is coming to Netflix on the 2nd of December! 💥
Love Today will release around the world for OTT streaming via Netflix on Friday, December 2.
A specific release time has not been confirmed, but the popular Twitter page Streaming Updates has reported that the film will be made available at 12 AM IST.
Love Today will require an active subscription to Netflix, which are available through the following membership packages:
Love Today has a runtime of approximately 154 minutes.
Tonight on Netflix at 12AM:#LoveToday (Tamil)#NithamOruVaanam (Tamil, Telugu)
The cast of Love Today includes:
By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]
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