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This article discusses the Netflix movie Lou (2022), including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.
We have a brand new action-thriller coming from Netflix in Lou. The story follows one woman’s hunt to help her neighbor to hunt down who kidnapped her child.
According to Netflix – A storm rages. A young girl is kidnapped. Her mother (Jurnee Smollett) teams up with the mysterious woman next door (Allison Janney) to pursue the kidnapper – a journey that tests their limits and exposes shocking secrets from their pasts.
Look, the premise has me sold. You have Allison Janney playing the mysterious badass that is on the hunt for a kidnapper? Say less. Also, I am a huge fan of Jurnee Smollett we’ve seen her star rise over the last few years. This could end up being a dream pairing.
The Lou will be released on Netflix on September 23, 2022.
Here is the main cast:
Allison Janney is known for so many performances including her Oscar-winning performance in I, Tonya, but this is the first time we are going to see her in the type of revenge-style action role.
Here is the team behind it all:
There sure is! Check it out below:

Woah, this trailer HOLY COW! I didn’t have this movie on my radar until I started working on this article. However, this has skyrocketed to the top of my most anticipated films of the fall. Janney is playing this Liam Neeson in Taken style of role, which we see her do a little hand-to-hand combat in the trailer, and I am here for it. The only thing I didn’t love about the trailer was I felt like it gave away a little too much.
You will be able to watch this film with a subscription to Netflix.
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