ZE:A’s Junyoung Charged With Paying Tens Of Millions Of Fines For Drunk Driving

The Leader Of Boy Group ZE:A, Junyoung Has Been Indicted For His DUI Case. This One Idol Had To Pay A Fine Of 8 Million Won For Drunk Driving.

The court decision that dragged the name of the leader of the ZE:A boy group , Junyoung , has been announced. Junyoung was indicted on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act due to drunk driving.

On May 31, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ office led by chief prosecutor Jeong Jae Hoon swiftly indicted the idol whose full name Moon Jun Young is on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act drunk driving with a fine of 8 million won. A summary indictment is a process in which the prosecution requests a fine through a written hearing without submitting the suspect to a formal court.

This indictment began after Junyoung was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at around 1:46 am on March 7. At that time, he was driving in the opposite direction on a one-way street. The driver coming from the other side got suspicious and reported it to the police.

After that, the police were sent from the Gangnam Police Station to measure Junyoung’s alcohol level, and he had a measurement result equivalent to 0.113% (over 0.08%). It could be considered drunk driving and eventually prosecuted.

“I shouldn’t be driving under the influence of alcohol. I have nothing to say about it and I’m sorry. I fell into the trap,” Junyoung said during an interview on his YouTube channel.

This is not the first time Junyoung has violated traffic rules because he was drunk. It is known that Junyoung was drunk once in 2018. This is the second time the idol has been caught doing this. Professionals claim that this DUI case will likely stick to Junyoung’s future activities while in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Junyoung debuted in 2010 with boy group ZE:A. This group itself has members namely Kwanghee , Im Siwan , Park Hyungsik , Kim Dongjoon , Kim Tae Heon , Jung Hee Chul , Ha Minwoo , and Kevin . However, their group activities have not been on the surface for a long time and now the members seem to be busy with their respective solo careers.

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