What We Know Approximately ‘promoting The Oc,’ The ‘promoting Sundown’ Spinoff Show


With Season Five over and Season Six no longer yet showed, “Selling Sunset” can be over for now. But the “Selling Sunset” universe — populated with the aid of dramatic actual estate dealers and indulgent houses — maintains getting larger.

Netflix introduced the derivative display “Selling the OC” in November, a month earlier than “Selling Tampa” dropped. The indicates are all created with the aid of Adam DiVello, who is behind “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.”

At the first-ever “Selling Sunset” reunion, we got our first peek at at “Selling the OC.” Based on the official trailer, “Selling the OC” has lots in commonplace with “Selling Sunset,” together with homes with splendid views; feuding colleagues; and Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Here’s what we know about the imminent real estate-centric truth display.’Selling the OC’ can be set in Newport Beach, CA

“Selling the OC” was first delivered in Season Four of “Selling Sunset” when Jason and Brett Oppenheim, dual brothers and co-owners of The Oppenheim Group, cited they have been expanding their real property brokerage coastal metropolis of Newport Beach in Orange County, California.

“I love the sellers down right here. We’ve were given a incredible institution of human beings, a amazing workplace. And it’s just an entire new dynamic down here,” Jason said inside the Season Four finale.

Given the coastal environment, the agents will attention specially on waterfront houses.The trailer tips at drama

Like “Selling Sunset,” the program will cognizance on some other batch of Oppenheim Group marketers. The cast of “Selling the OC” shares the “Selling Sunset’s” solid love for style … and tension.

The trailer indicates a snippet of their preventing. “You called me a f—ing whinge,” realtor Kayla Cardona tells a person on the display. And in any other scene, she says, “After you go that line of disrespect, I’m f—ing completed.” The solid of ‘Selling the OC’ differs from ‘Selling Sunset’ in one principal way

Consisting of eleven dealers in overall, the solid of ‘Selling the OC’ includes each males and females.

Jason introduced some of them — Austin Victoria, Alexandra Hall and Brandi Marshall — throughout ‘Selling Sunset,’ but all were announced on May 6. Netflix also furnished their Instagram handles, listed underneath.

  • Alex Hall
  • Alexandra Jarvis
  • Alexandra Rose
  • Austin Victoria
  • Brandi Marshall
  • Gio Helou
  • Kayla Cardona
  • Lauren Brito
  • Polly Brindle
  • Sean Palmieri
  • Tyler Stanaland

When is the most fulfilling date for ‘Selling the OC?’

As of right now, “Selling the OC” doesn’t have an respectable release date. The trailer said the show could be arriving to Netflix “quickly,” so we may not need to wait long.


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