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Your guide to all of the new movies and indicates streaming on Hulu within the US in February 2022.


An insomniac office employee and a devil-may-care soap maker shape an underground combat membership that evolves into a lot moreStars:Brad Pitt,Edward Norton,Meat Loaf,Zach Grenier

PG13elegance=””>When a cutting-edge day chef receives trapped within the body of a queen inside the Joseon era, chaos ensues.

Stars:Hye-Sun Shin,Kim Jung-hyun,Seol In-ah,Kim Tae-Woo

Season 1 Available on Hulu on Feb. 15


A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory in which his dreams of greatness are mentored by way of an teacher who will prevent at not anything to understand a pupil’s potential.

Director:Damien Chazelleforty threeDocumentary, History

Food will inform the unknown memories of innovation and rivalries at the back of food industry tycoons Milton Hershey, John and Will Kellogg, Henry Heinz, C.W. Post, the McDonald brothers and more.

Stars:Campbell Scott,Adam Richman,Yohuru Williams,Libby O’Connell

Season 2 Available on Hulu on Feb. 15

PG42Game-Show, Reality-TV

Four custom knife makers compete to make the great usable knife through a sequence of challenges.

Stars:David Lain Baker,Doug Marcaida,Ben Abbott,Wil Willis

Seasons 6 & 8 Available on Hulu on Feb. 15

NC16class=””>Two friends, Simon and Kamina, turn out to be the symbols of rebellion in opposition to the effective Spiral King, who compelled mankind into subterranean villages.

Stars:Yuri Lowenthal,Steve Blum,Johnny Yong Bosch,Sam Riegel

Season 1 Available on Hulu on Feb. 19

R21forty fourCrime, Drama

A have a look at the early days of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles all through the beginning of the Nineteen Eighties.

Stars:Damson Idris,Carter Hudson,Isaiah John,Amin Joseph

Season 5 Available on Hulu on Feb. 24


A senator returns to a western city for the funeral of an old buddy and tells the story of his origins.

Director:John Fordclass=””>A young couple trying for a toddler moves into an growing older, ornate rental constructing on Central Park West, in which they discover themselves surrounded by means of abnormal acquaintancesAnimation, Action, Adventure

A institution of 7 mages gets selected to emerge as masters of 7 classes of heroic spirits, so one can fight and win the Holy Grail.

Stars:Noriaki Sugiyama,Kana Ueda,Bryce Papenbrook,Mela Lee

Season 1 Available on Hulu on Feb. 19

Rmagnificence=””>A high-faculty boy in the early Seventies is given the risk to write a story for Rolling Stone magazine approximately an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tourStars:Billy Crudup,Patrick Fugit,Kate Hudson,Frances McDormand

PG45 minmagnificence=””>Follows against the law (typically a murder), normally adapted from current headlines, from separate vantage factors, the police research and the prosecution in court docket.

Stars:Jerry Orbach,Jesse L. Martin,Dennis Farina,S. Epatha Merkerson

Season 21 Available on Hulu on Feb. 25

NC-sixteenmagnificence=””>A pair of NYPD detectives inside the Narcotics Bureau stumble onto a heroin smuggling ring based in Marseilles, but stopping them and taking pictures their leaders proves an elusive goalStars:Gene Hackman,Roy Scheider,Fernando Rey,Tony Lo Bianco

NC-sixteen44Game-Show, Reality-TV

A reality competition display in which chefs compete in opposition to one another in culinary demanding situations and are a judged by a panel of meals and wine specialists, with one or extra contestants eliminated each96 minclass=””>In 1980 New York, three younger men who have been all adopted meet every different and find out they’re triplets who were separated at beginning. But their quest to discover why turns into a bizarre and sinister mystery.

Director:Tim Wardleclass=””>The Dark Knight of Gotham City starts his conflict on crime along with his first most important enemy being Jack Napier, a criminal who turns intoStars:Michael Keaton,Jack Nicholson,Kim Basinger,Robert Wuhl

PGmagnificence=””>Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for lease, joins forces with an antique buddy, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an antique Indian fighter and a gambler, they assist a rancher and his circle of relatives combat a rival rancher that is trying to steal60 minmagnificence=””>Brought together via fate, a lady who appears to have the whole thing and a young man who seems to don’t have anything comes to a decision to give up an regular lifestyles to be collectivelyReality-TV

Millions enter america via airports each year, and hid among them are a circulation of contraband. DHS will forestall at nothing to trap these smugglers.

Season 329 minelegance=””>After breaking apart together with her longtime boyfriend, a female tries to reconnect with the pals she lost at some stage in the relationship.

Stars:Kat Dennings,Brenda Song,Shay Mitchell,Esther Povitsky

Season 2 Available on Hulu on Feb. elevenBiography, Drama, Romance

Follows the tale of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship, going lower back to their whirlwind romance that commenced with them marrying after simplest understanding each other for ninety six hours in 1995.

Stars:Lily James,Sebastian Stan,Seth Rogen,Nick Offerman

M18magnificence=””>At a top secret studies facility in the Nineteen Sixties, a lonely janitor forms a completely unique dating with an amphibious creature this isStars:Sally Hawkins,Octavia Spencer,Michael Shannon,Doug Jones


Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the USA to file on the best united states of america inside the global. With a documentary team in tow, Borat becomes extra interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson.

Director:Larry Charleselegance=””>The new proprietor of the Cleveland Indians places collectively a purposely horrible group so they will lose and she or he can pass the crew. But whilst the plot is uncovered, they begin triumphing simply to spite her.

Director:David S. Ward16one hundred forty four minelegance=””>Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem for the duration of the Crusades of the 12th century, and there he unearths himself as the defender of the metropolis and its human beingsStars:Orlando Bloom,Eva Green,Liam Neeson,Martin Hancock

R21a hundred and forty minmagnificence=””>The tale of the famous and influential Nineteen Sixties rock band The Doors and its lead singer and composer, Jim Morrison, from his days as a UCLA movie pupil in Los Angeles, to his untimely dyingCrime, Drama, Thriller

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