Used To Be Big And Muscular, ASTRO’s Moonbin Figure Before And After His Weight Loss Reaps Attention


Previously Weighing 80 Kg, Moonbin’s Broad Shoulders And Toned Body Seem To Show That He Is Made Of 100% Muscle. Many Fans Love This Healthy And Muscular Look.

ASTRO ‘s Moonbin is known not only for his handsome face but also for his muscular and impressive physique. However, the handsome idol underwent a slight change in appearance along with his weight loss.

Previously weighing 80 kg, Moonbin’s broad shoulders and toned body seem to show that he is made of 100% muscle. Many fans love this healthy and muscular look.

However, after revealing his weight had dropped to 72 kg (approximately 158 lbs), Moonbin emerged with a new physique. As stunning as before, his overall silhouette became smaller and his face became more sculpted.

Due to his large body composition, Moonbin maintains his muscles and looks more toned. Netizens were also excited, they both liked her figure both before and after losing weight.

“I like both, I can’t choose,” commented netizens. “They’re both really good…?” another netizen said. “What… You’re cute with this and that body,” said netizens. “Before and after, all good,” added another.

Meanwhile, after recovering from COVID-19, Moonbin and Sanha greeted fans through a mini online showcase that was held on March 15. On the other hand, ASTRO is rumored to be making a comeback in May. If so, this will be the first comeback after nine months since the mini-album “SWITCH ON” which was released last August.


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