TWICE’s Nayeon Has Spoiled Solo Debut Since 2020?


The Announcement Of TWICE’s Nayeon’s Solo Debut Was Enthusiastically Welcomed By Fans Around The World. Along With This, Fans Realized That The Idol Had Leaked It Back In 2020. Like What?

The announcement of TWICE ‘s Nayeon ‘s solo debut was enthusiastically welcomed by fans around the world. His name even had time to become a trending topic on Twitter along with the many fan tweets related to this.

Since TWICE is known as the biggest spoiler queen in K-Pop, many fans were surprised that none of the members leaked Nayeon’s solo debut. But fans soon realized that Nayeon had actually leaked her solo debut live in 2020.

When TWICE held a live broadcast in March 2020, all the members minus Tzuyu , who had to self-isolate, seemed to gather in their practice room. In the middle of the live broadcast, Nayeon said that she had to go to record a song.

When Jihyo asked it, Nayeon said that she had to keep it a secret. He even rushed off shortly after.

Nayeon said, “I have to go. I have to record a song! I can’t express what I recorded. I will record a song and come back.”

Because this is Nayeon’s personal schedule, all the members look very surprised. Sana even commented that she didn’t see recording activities on their schedule. “I didn’t see it on the schedule,” said Sana.

As Nayeon got ready, the members were seen whispering to each other to find out what was going on. In the midst of all that, Jeongyeon said, “Nayeon unnie is going to record a song. She’ll be back soon!”

Meanwhile, the first teaser for Nayeon’s solo debut mini album is dominated by a sweet pink color. The picture is filled with various things such as necklaces, glasses, nail polish to teapots and cups.

The plan, Nayeon will debut solo on June 24, and the song will be released at 1 pm local time. To order the album itself, it can be done starting May 24.


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