Too Realistic, Lee Min Ho And Kim Min Ha’s Intimate Scenes In ‘Pachinko’ Are Actually Criticized

‘Pachinko’ Story Follows Four Generations Of Korean Immigrant Families As It Depicts The Struggles And Hardships That Families Have To Face In Order To Achieve Their Hopes & Dreams.

” Pachinko ” has been getting a lot of attention once it was released. The scene that stole the most attention from this Apple TV drama was when Hansu ( Lee Min Ho ) and Sun Ja ( Kim Min Ha ) had sex in the forest.

In the “Pachinko” trailer, Hansu and Sun Ja have intimate scenes in episode 2 and episode 3. This drama is not actually explicit or shows nudity. They just showed the two characters kissing and focused on Sun Ja’s expression.

However, some viewers still find the scene uncomfortable to watch because the expressions and sound effects are too raw and “too realistic”. Netizens felt the scene could be delivered in a more artistic way to fit the overall “Pachinko” atmosphere.

“Everything about the series was fine but the sex scenes made me freeze,” wrote one netizen. “That scene doesn’t show any skin but Sun Ja’s expression and moans are very … Overall, I don’t like it,” continued another.

“The line between annoying and artistic is very thin. This scene is too exaggerated to feel quite uncomfortable to watch,” continued another. “I’m ashamed to have heard his moans!” said another. “It doesn’t need to be realistic,” concluded another netizen.

“Pachinko” follows the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family as it depicts the struggles and hardships that the family must face in order to achieve their hopes and dreams.

“Pachinko” will focus more on the story from the point of view of the female lead, Kim Sun Ja ( Youn Yuh Jung ) who left Korea to go to Japan, looking for a better life.

Meanwhile, “Pachinko” has also received praise from various foreign media. It is said that “Pachinko” might be the best drama of 2022 even though we are only into the first half of the year. What do you think?

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