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Too Realistic, Drama Flow ‘My Liberation Notes’ Makes Netizens Amazed

Too Realistic, Drama Flow ‘My Liberation Notes’ Makes Netizens Amazed

Recently, South Korean Netizens Talked About The Flow Of The JTBC Drama ‘My Liberation Notes’, Starring Kim Ji Won To Lee Min Ki. Check Out The Following Review.

JTBC drama ” My Liberation Notes ” has attracted sympathy from people living in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. They praised the plot of the drama because it was considered so detailed.

“My Liberation Notes” depicts the story of three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives as well as a mysterious outsider who comes to their town. The trio live in the village of Sanpo in Gyeonggi-do, which surrounds Seoul like the “white part” of an egg.

The three brothers work in Seoul, so they have to commute from Sanpo to Seoul every day. The distance from their house from Seoul finally brought certain problems for the three.

Yeom Gi Jeong’s eldest brother ( Lee El ) has a hard time deciding where to meet up with his blind date. Yeom Mi Jeong’s youngest sister ( Kim Ji Won ) can’t help but be considered less social because she doesn’t join the club where she works because she has to go home early every day.

Meanwhile, the only son in their family, Yeom Chan Hee ( Lee Min Ki ), was forced to break up with his girlfriend due to distance issues. His girlfriend even said, “Who wants to live so far away?” when they fight.

In the end, the three characters are able to convey a touching sympathetic narrative, by showing a sense of tiredness and wanting to be “free” from a stifling life. This detail managed to steal the attention of South Korean netizens.

“If you are citizens of Gyeonggi-do, you must watch this drama,” said a netizen. “By saying, ‘Let’s meet in Hongdae or Yeouido’, it’s a way to end the relationship,” added another.

“Let’s meet somewhere in the middle, please. Haha this drama is very realistic,” said another netizen. “Is the playwright a resident of Gyeonggi-do? Why does this look so real?” said other netizens and much more.

Meanwhile, “My Liberation Notes” has only aired two episodes, with the highest rating so far at 3.0 percent. This drama itself will present a new episode on Saturday (16/4) tonight.

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