Too Impressive, Cinematography In LE SSERAFIM’s New Teaser Reaps Exorbitant Praise


LE SSERAFIM Has Released A New Teaser In Preparation For Their Debut On Tuesday (19/4) At Midnight Local Time. Take A Peek At The Snippet In The News Below.

On Tuesday (19/4) midnight local time, LE SSERAFIM again released a new teaser entitled “The World Is My Oyster”. The newly released teaser is far more intense than before.

These teasers already have a tense vibe from the start, as they bring out a big bang in a factory. Contrary to that situation, a member actually took a self-portrait with a calm expression in front of the blazing fire.

What happened next seemed even more tense. Because the other members suddenly dropped themselves onto the car to the point where it was crushed, but he quickly got up and showed a sharp look at the camera.

Overall, each member showed off a strong aura and left a deep impression on fans’ hearts. They also exhibit different unique features and characteristics which are definitely eye-catching.

This teaser immediately attracted a lot of attention after its release. Many fans praised the cinematography with various comments such as the following:

“Honestly, I’m impressed with the time and effort you put into this video. Keep it up,” said a netter. “This promotion is really like top class. HYBE is always on top of their game,” added the other netters.

“HYBE never disappoints us in every concert and trailer they release,” said another netter. “This teaser is like a big movie that is ready to hit the entire entertainment world. This is very cool and really amazing,” added another netter.

“This is an example of a unique work that doesn’t need to imitate someone’s art or style to attract attention,” said the other netters. “HYBE never disappoints. LE SSERAFIM is going to be legendary!” concluded the other netters and much more.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is the first girl group to be launched in collaboration between HYBE and Source Music. Their name is an anagram of “I’M FEARLESS” which implies self-confidence and a strong will to move forward without fear and being swayed by the world view.


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