Tom & Jerry Early Review: Bad Script and Mediocre Acting


Initial reviews for the live-action Tom & Jerry film are out and it looks like the animated film featuring the iconic cat and mouse has failed to impress critics.

Many of the critics were critical of the poor script and the standard performances of the actors. However, this film is a special attraction for young audiences and older audiences to just reminisce.

About Tom & Jerry Movie

Tom and Jerry is a live-action hybrid film based on the popular 1940s animation. This cartoon series focuses on the witty rivalry between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse.

The original animation managed to entertain the entire audience and this time Warner Bros. tried to reboot it into a live-action film. Tom and Jerry stars Chloë Grace Moretz in the lead role as an unemployed New Yorker looking for work in a luxury hotel.

Incidentally at the Hotel where he recently worked will soon be held “the biggest wedding of this century”. Meanwhile Tom and Jerry also happened to be at the hotel looking for a new place after they were both kicked out of the house that was the setting in every animated series we’ve seen.

Tom & Jerry’s Initial Review

Tom & Jerry’s initial review seemed unsatisfactory. Critics praised the film for being a fun comedy and would evoke feelings of nostalgia for older audiences.

Despite the praise, there was a lot of criticism for this film. Critics criticized its poor scriptwriting, boring problems or conflicts and the mediocre performance of the human actors.

You can read some of the early Tom & Jerry reviews below.

Did reading the review above make you hesitate to watch Tom & Jerry? Or even more curious and want to watch it to be able to see for yourself whether the film is good or not? Comment below yes.

For your information, the Tom & Jerry film itself is scheduled to release simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max on March 5, 2021 .


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