Tom Holland’s Fate After Spiderman: No Way Home, Will The Second Trilogy Be His?

“ Spiderman : No Way Home ” managed to become a successful and highest-grossing film in history compared to the previous version.

Not only that, ” Spiderman : No Way Home ” also occupies the sixth largest film ever, just behind “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

“ Spiderman : No Way Home ” has also grossed $1.7 billion internationally and it also made it the biggest film opening weekend.

That’s why fans are so desperate for the next Sony and Marvel collaboration as Tom Holland’s second trilogy continues his story as Spiderman .

The desire will continue to the question when will Tom Holland’s second trilogy be aired? Because even though it has been officially stated that it will be worked on, fans don’t know for sure about the broadcast time.

Not only for Sony and Marvel, but the main cast is also the target of questions regarding Tom Holland’s second trilogy as Spiderman .

A report says that the deal for Tom Holland to become Spiderman has ended in No Way Home .

But there is a possibility that he will still appear in the MCU in another Avengers film. So once again, to become Spiderman , it seems Tom Holland is making ” Spiderman : No Way Home ” his last solo film.

Elsewhere, an interview with Amy Pascal takes place. As the director, he has claimed that Sony and Marvel’s second Spiderman trilogy is already in the works.

“This isn’t the last movie we’re going to make with Marvel and it’s not the last Spiderman movie . We’re getting ready to make our next Spiderman movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We thought of this as three films and now we will move on to the next three films. This is not our last MCU film,” said Amy Pascal.

Amy’s statement indicates that the second Tom Holland trilogy is really in sight and one more thing that the next Spiderman will be airing soon.

It’s like Amy Pascal gave a leak whether intentionally or not, but in fact it managed to make headlines in various media.

Recently, an interview questioned the future of Tom Holland ‘s second trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So this time, Tom Holland seemed to clean up the leak that Amy made earlier.

On the sidelines of Tom Holland ‘s interview who talked about his latest film titled “Uncharted” questions about Spiderman were asked and here are the answers.

“We have had conversations about the potential future of Spiderman , but they are currently in discussions. We don’t know what the future holds,” said Tom Holland .

Tom Holland also said that he believes Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman are ‘thinking things out’ with Amy Pascal, who has been producing Spiderman all along.

“But right now I don’t know what it is,” added Tom Holland .

No one knows for sure as to whether Tom Holland really didn’t know it at all. But we also know that every player must maintain the secrecy of films like ” Spiderman : No Way Home ” at that time.

For those of you who have missed Tom Holland ‘s appearance on the big screen, watch his latest film “Uncharted” in theaters starting on February 18, 2022!

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