The web drama titled Her Bucket List (2021) will be released on December 31, 2021

Starring Na In Woo and Kim Soo Hye the story is quite light and fun. Totaling 10 episodes, this web drama is about a girl who is devastated after the death of her lover.

His enthusiasm is lost until one day he finds a wish list made by his late lover. The girl bounced back but for one purpose: complete the lists and then kill herself.

In the midst of suffocating sadness she meets a young, talented singer who can never perform in front of many people. Surprisingly in front of the girl the young man’s nervousness disappeared.

He can freely sing quietly. They also exchanged agreements until slowly growing feelings in each other’s hearts. How was their trip complete? Synopsis and reviews of Her Bucket List (2021) can be found in this article!

Cha Ra Ri ( Kim Soo Hye ) has a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Im Gyeon Hyeong (Cha Gun). Unfortunately their relationship was not approved by Gyeon Hyeong’s mother. Even so, Gyeon Hyeong, who is preparing for the employee exam, is still trying to maintain the relationship. He promised everything would be fine and made everything work out.

One day, it’s been two weeks since Gyeon Hyeong hasn’t heard from or contacted Ra Ri. Curious, Ra Ri went to her parents’ house. Ra Ri is shocked and devastated to hear the news that Gyeon Hyeong died in an accident. Gyeon Hyeong died in an accident while working part time because he needed money to buy Ra Ri a present.

Ra Ri’s life is filled with guilt. The days passed without the spirit of life. Ra Ri is a mess even to the point of contemplating suicide. Ra Ri acts like a dazed person. He had a midnight walk outside his apartment alone. While in a state of chaos, Ra Ri sees a young man singing while playing the guitar.

His tears exploded because the young man was apparently the singer he often saw with Gyeon Hyeong on Youtube. He remembered all the memories he made with his lover and was swept away by the song. The young man known as Kang Han Sol ( Na In Woo ) was confused to see a girl crying loudly while watching him sing.

The incident apparently left a distinct impression on Kang Han Sol. Han Sol turns out to have severe stage fright. His singing ability on a private channel was unquestionable, but Han Sol was helpless when it came to performing in front of other people.

Several times Han Sol failed to audition at the company that houses her. He didn’t debut because of self-confidence issues. Surprisingly, the self-confidence problem that he had seemed to disappear and turned into calm when Ra Ri saw him singing.

For the first time she managed to appear in front of others without being nervous. Han Sol was confused by what had just happened. Still in mourning, Ra Ri finds a book containing a bucket list that Gyeon Hyeong wanted to do with him while he was alive.

Ra Ri postpones her intention to commit suicide and plans to complete her lover’s wish list. Only, after all the lists are finished, he will follow Gyeon Hyeong. Ra Ri starts to get excited again and tidy herself up after being so messy before.

The first wish list he would do was to watch a musical. Ra Ri had already bought two tickets but when the show started she canceled them. Ra Ri still can’t face her memories with Gyeon Hyeong that might come back.

In a different place to increase self-confidence and how to behave when appearing in front of a crowd, Kang Han Sol received input and assignments from the director. He was asked to watch a musical; something that has never been done. That’s when he meets Ra Ri again.

Ra Ri offers to watch it together because she has already bought two tickets. Han Sol accepts the offer but in exchange for the ticket price he will treat Ra Ri to a meal, and they agree. While watching the show, Ra Ri kept crying even though the other audience seemed to be laughing and enjoying it.

After the show they continued to eat in one place. Out of nowhere to get the idea, Ra Ri asks Kang Han Sol to accompany her to complete the to-do lists that Gyeon Hyeong made.

Han Sol doesn’t refuse but he makes a condition: Ra Ri must be willing to accompany him whenever he performs in front of many people. How is the continuation of the agreement and cooperation between the two people who need each other?

Complete a Dead Lover’s Wish List
Her Bucket List (2021) is a web drama based on a webtoon by Hwang Yang and illustrated by Sop. Maintaining its characteristics as a web drama, the number of episodes of Her Bucket List (2021) is quite a bit compared to regular Korean dramas.

You will finish the story with only 10 episodes with a duration of about 25 minutes per episode. With episodes and a fairly short duration, the plot of this web drama is not long-winded.

In the first few episodes, the main premise that you want to tell is immediately conveyed. You can immediately catch the plot at least in the first three or four episodes.

Her Bucket List (2021) tells the story of lovers who love each other, Ra Ri and Gyeon Hyeong, who one day must be separated due to death. Ra Ri, who is heartbroken and constantly blaming herself for Gyeon Hyeong’s death, plans to complete all of her lover’s wish lists and then commit suicide.

In the midst of the tangled mess of her life, Ra Ri meets a talented young man with stage fright named Kang Han Sol. With Han Sol.

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