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[Warning: The following consists of MAJOR spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode sixteen, “Acts of God.”]

The Strolling Lifeless has been recognized to have a few pretty cliffhanger-fueled midseason finales (Sophia, all of us?) so we’re pretty excited to look how the occasions of 11B’s finale emerge as when the AMC zombie drama returns for its final eight episodes.

In “Acts of God,” locusts descend upon our survivors offering cowl for an severe hunt between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and former Reaper Leah (Lynn Collins), the latter of whom is later shot and killed. In the period in-between, one other institution of our favorite apocalypse survivors assembles to reveal the fact in regards to the “idyllic” society from the within. We additionally see Daryl (Norman Reedus), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) sincerely get under the pores and pores and skin of the Commonwealth’s slimiest government professional, Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), whose devilish coin flip closes out the episode. We are capable of totally think about what torment he has deliberate for our survivors, especially now that his rather effective reap has claimed Hillside, Oceanside, and Alexandria as Commonwealth territories.

It’s a midseason finale the place a gaggle of tiny triggers are pulled at once, ensuing in what we can solely think about shall be an explosive return. Showrunner Angela Kang famous all with regard to the collection’ final midseason ender.

By the pinnacle of this episode, all of the collection’ most important characters find out themselves — form of — bodily unscathed. Did you could have any hesitations about killing off any of the present’s longer-strolling characters earlier than we get to that ultimate 0.33? And can we see extra loss of life transferring ahead?

Angela Kang: I agree with without moving into some thing that’s spoiler-territory, the characters which have survived this lengthy, had been thru lots. Our heroes have surely survived a few not possible odds, and are to be had out on the opposite component, so I consider for us telling the tale, there are times whilst it’s far realistic to kill off a severe individual, and then there are occasions after we’re making an attempt to tell a unique form of tale. On this situation, we had been honestly making an attempt to take care of this express person that has been plaguing them for a while and what you do there, so that basically turned the critical focus.

The locusts — become that one aspect you’d had to do for a while? How did that idea arise?

It was one thing that got here out of the writers’ room, writer Nicole Mirante-Matthews [who wrote “Acts of God”] pitched it, but it fits with one issue we had been doing thematically throughout the season. Each time [these characters] assume they’ve figured one element out, there are those objects which is probably more than them, which humanity has faced for all of time — immoderate weather, locusts — these objects that genuinely hold pushing them again on their heels time and again. And it’s most effective a reminder that we’re so fortunate in stylish times that we’ve strategies to take care of these items. It become a form of problems that we truely tried to concentrate on inside the final two years. So, I believe it become a extremely cool pitch from a author who had that during thoughts whereas she turned into shaping the tale.

One aspect else that felt almost biblical was Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) making a critical stride in this episode the location she admits that she’s “starting to” notion him. Are we edging nearer to the newly-announced spinoff Isle of the Lifeless territory? The place do they pass from proper here?

I accept as true with we’re going to look with those that they’ve a without a doubt superior relationship and interactions with one another. Negan has made some strides along side her, however that doesn’t suggest that each one is forgotten. They’re every very pragmatic leaders as nicely, and she is privy to that he has carried out proper through her toddler, at least inside the brief term, simply so’s acquired to depend for one thing. I by no means need it to sincerely sense like Maggie’s forgotten what has been accomplished to her and her family, however there’s an arc during the present, and Isle of the Lifeless will determine up the region it choices up and run with that ball.

Daryl, Aaron, Gabriel, Maggie — they’re all frequently waging a tactical warfare with Hornsby. What have they got to battle again with? It looks like they’re honestly unrivaled.

I agree with for our people what they absolutely have that has helped them is, that they’re practical, they’re scrappy and that they’re determined to assist one another it doesn’t remember what. You might also’t understate the importance of the bonds of family that go beyond blood bonds, and I consider that’s what makes this organization particular and has stored them together through so many opportunity demanding situations. They handiest wish to survive extra. They’re certainly outmatched on the subject of equipment — they don’t have the armor or the automobiles, however they’ve received each other and that’s going to depend for lots.

Daryl taking photos Leah in their cabin ought to’ve been devastating for him. Will we see him direction of those emotions and feelings in 11C?

Daryl undoubtedly has thoughts and emotions approximately this. That is a person that he as quickly as cared approximately and who he notion would possibly need an opportunity to go back once more from the forms of choices she become making whilst she became with the Reapers, however I consider on the same time, Daryl knew this turned into a reasonably toxic situation that he became in, and he’s centered on his household and so he offers with issues in a truely Daryl-esque method. He’s a person of few phrases for essentially the maximum half of, but all the portions is always affecting him, it at all times sits and informs alternatives that he makes as he is going alongside on his adventure.

Jace Downs/AMC

Now, via the pinnacle of this episode, Hornsby is furious. He’s been shot and he’s leaning into this vibe that almost looks like Two-Face from Batman, specifically with the coinflip. Was that an idea or one component that you actually have been keen approximately?

You recognize what’s humorous is that I can absolutely see that, but it turned into no longer our direct suggestion. The coin stuff occurred because of in our backstory for Hornsby we were like, ‘What does this man like? He’s a gambler. He likes taking dangers and massive risks generally.’ So, we didn’t play pretty a whole lot of that directly in the present, at one level, we concept to have a narrative about that, howeverone in each of our writers decided, ‘how do I placed that vibe into the story without it being directly seeing him playing?’ So, we invented this coin that he had. In order that’s how that every one happened – a completely separate set of conversations approximately the fact that this man likes to roll the cube, ? After which the gunshot become, we desired the idea of him having an extensive call. However yeah, upload it collectively and it’s a chunk of Two-Face. We actually attempted purposely to now not make it an excessive amount of in that direction, but we came on these two problems thru separate paths.

Max (Margot Bingham) is now officially making use of her connection to Commonwealth leader Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) from the within. How dangerous is this going to be for her moving ahead?

It’s certainly harmful for Max. I believe as is the case while each person makes a decision to address a whistleblower function, or a secret agent role, there’s honestly inherent chance each for her, however additionally for the people she cares about. Her brother is in that authorities, Eugene [Josh McDermitt] is someone she cares approximately, and our people are all involved, so it’s a completely unique form of hazard than the zombie hazard, however we all recognize that humans in this world are extra harmful than the monsters outside our gates. She’s certainly moving into some very tough, harmful conditions.

And the paper with that large “Pamela Milton is Mendacity to You” on the doorway internet page… that could be a very big, public statement that Connie (Lauren Ridloff) is making. How lots should we fear approximately Connie? And the manner truely do you suppose that the final populous of the Commonwealth will begin to mistrust the area that they’re in?


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