The Villains in the Peacemaker Series!


Peacemaker is one of the series that fans have been anticipating for a long time. Created, written, and directed by James Gunn, the series will focus on the Peacemaker character who previously appeared in The Suicide Squad . Played by John Cena, Peacemaker is a quirky DC character who will do everything he can to achieve peace, even if he has to kill innocent people. Because of that Peacemaker often deals with “good people” who are described as villains in the series. Who are they? Here are the villains in the Peacemaker series .


Shown several times in Peacemaker’s trailers and teasers , Judomaster, played by actor Nhut Le, seems to be a serious threat to Peacemaker and his friends. It was proven when he was able to fight against Peacemaker and Vigilante alone. In DC Comics, Judomaster is a World War II veteran who becomes a superhero who stands up for the truth, after he has mastered some of the martial arts of judo. The difference between Judomaster comics and the series lies in his costume, if the original version has a red and yellow costume, in the series he will wear a green costume.

Lady Eagle?

It is still not revealed who the female character is seen fighting with the Peacemaker in a room until it is destroyed. From what has been seen in the trailer and teaser, this woman has incredible strength, she can throw and lift the muscular Peacemaker with ease. When fighting this woman, Peacemaker is visibly overwhelmed and injured, so he has to flee outside, before this woman chases him out too. Based on this woman’s white hair and looks stiff, there is speculation that this tough woman is the human form of the Peacemaker’s pet eagle named Eagly.


Not much is known about this “group of villains” called the Butterflies. Based on what is seen in the trailer, Butterflies are one of the targets of Peacemaker and his friends. From what has been revealed, this group called the Butterflies is a collection of people like “zombies” who seem to have super physical abilities. Some fans think that the concept of Butterflies may be taken from the super soldier who is often discussed in the Marvel Universe, namely people who become superhuman after being injected with “something” into their bodies.


In his later adventures, Peacemaker and his friends will be chased by police detectives. So far, a trio of detectives have been revealed to be chasing the Peacemaker team, namely Captain Locke, detective Sophie Song, and detective Larry Fitzgibbon. While Locke still looks passive during the chase, detectives Sophie and Larry look very active, even in some scenes they don’t hesitate to fire their guns to stop Peacemaker and his friends who are considered criminals. Chances are they will be very troublesome Peacemaker throughout the series.

Royland Goff

The last one is Royland Goff, who is shown to be rich and has many bodyguards. Most likely Judomaster was the one Royland had hired to protect him. Although it is not yet clear how big Royland’s role will be in the series, but the background and some of the scenes indicate that Royland will be quite important in the series. As a member of the United States council, Royland’s movements seemed quite odd. After successfully tying the Peacemaker and Vigilante in a foxhole, Royland threatens to torture them both by electrocuting him.

Those are the villains who have been confirmed to appear in the Peacemaker series later. Although some of the lists above are still not revealed who the real identity is, but it is quite clear that they are the ones who will fight with Peacemaker, or at least hinder Peacemaker and his friends in completing their missions. Let’s just wait for Peacemaker’s action against them, geeks. The series itself is scheduled to air in a few days on HBO GO, to be precise on January 13, 2022.


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