‘the Strolling Dead’ Showrunner Hopes The Series’ Finale ‘satisfies’ Enthusiasts. She Teases ‘decision’ For A Few Storylines On The Show’s Final Eight Episodes.


Daryl, Aaron, Maggie, and Gabriel reunite at the cease of Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” 11b finale.Jace Downs/AMC

  • Warning: There are spoilers beforehand for season 11, episode sixteen of “The Walking Dead,” “Acts of God.”

“The Walking Dead” may also have wrapped filming on its finale episode on March 30, however there may be still masses for showrunner Angela Kang to do to hold the apocalyptic drama’s final 8 episodes across the finish line.

“It’s surreal. It’s the fine way I can placed it,” Kang instructed Insider over Zoom of filming at the series being entire. “It surely feels like the give up of an technology in some approaches, however for loads of us which might be finishing out the display, I nonetheless have like six months of intensive publish-work, and completing work, and PR and advertising and marketing. That on my own is a complete-time task.”

When requested if that paintings additionally includes 2023’s untitled “Carol and Daryl” collection that Kang will oversee next, she politely declined to reply, best presenting that she’s “brilliant targeted” on completing the flagship collection and “very glad” that the universe maintains to grow.

The solid has been operating 17 to 18 months directly to deliver the display’s final 30 episodes to air. Cast members, which includes Josh McDermitt and Ross Marquand, have informed Insider about the show’s grueling work agenda for its extended 24-episode final season.

Kang, who started at the series as a author on season , admitted it’s been an “hard” adventure, however one they cherished.

After the collection finished filming, the solid and crew celebrated with a massive wrap element the first weekend of April wherein Kang said nobody desired to well known the series is virtually finishing after 12 years. “TWD” premiered on AMC on October 31, 2010.

“It would not sense completely real but,” Kang stated of the display being over. “It was some thing that quite a few our cast changed into saying as they have been wrapping going, ‘This doesn’t experience like it is going on. Is this actual? This feels so bizarre. It’s like a dream.'”

“The Walking Dead” cast and team are seen in a picture released via the show’s reliable Twitter account to mark the give up of filming on the collection.AMC/Twitter

Though filming is completed, there are nonetheless 8 episodes of “TWD” left to air. So the series isn’t genuinely over, yet. Hopefully, when the time comes for the very last most advantageous, the close-knit cast and team gets to proportion a right public farewell as became commonplace for the show’s first decade with packed rooms at conventions in San Diego and New York.

“Nobody’s pronouncing good-bye. This is just, I’m gonna so long,” Kang said. “We’re gonna recognise each other the relaxation of our lives. That’s form of been the attitude.”

“So it really is been truly adorable — but it is absolutely — it became very emotional. A lot of tears had been shed. I cried like a child often,” Kang found out, including, “It turned into sincerely lovely to rejoice with the group. I’ll say that that became absolutely remarkable. We ended on a excessive note, which become wonderful.”

As the display enters its final hiatus, Insider spoke with Kang approximately finishing (believe it or not) what remains certainly one of cable TV’s most-watched indicates, how the pandemic and other factors modified the upcoming series finale, star Norman Reedus’ influence on a first-rate demise scene on Sunday’s episode, her mind on the “Maggie and Negan” derivative getting announced early (it wasn’t her name), and whether or not or now not we will get resolutions to some open-ended storylines before the flagship series ends (in brief, sure).Angela Kang is ‘happy’ with ‘TWD’ finale and recognizes the collection’ finishing may want to’ve been extraordinary if there wasn’t a pandemic and spinoffs.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) is one in every of many characters on “TWD” who’s getting a spinoff, something which Kang says “in all likelihood” affected the collection’ final results.Jace Downs/AMC

Insider: I need to apologize due to the fact one of the closing instances we spoke, you noted that you knew how “The Walking Dead” ended and I found out I turned into so stuck up in your response that I failed to ask the plain query, that is, “Are you satisfied with the finishing which you men have for the display?”

And what I suggest with the aid of this is, I do not know if this is what you were initially running closer to pre-COVID or if the finishing you’ve got now could be the end result of the entirety culminating into one very last season, plus having to set up the “Carol and Daryl” by-product, the Negan and Maggie derivative, “Isle of the Dead,” and perhaps a film. Are you glad with the finishing you have and do you sense love it satisfies fanatics who have been in this journey for 12 years?

Kang: I’ll say I am glad with the finishing we’ve. I clearly hope it satisfies the fans that have been with us a lot of these years. Everybody worked actually difficult on it. I suppose that anything that we do creatively is manifestly stricken by the circumstances round it because matters aren’t made in a vacuum.

So if it wasn’t an epidemic, if it wasn’t a 24-episode season, if there weren’t spinoffs could we’ve got ended it in a different way? Probably. But that does not imply that what we’ve achieved within those instances, is not some thing that we aren’t proud of.

But that does not mean that what we’ve finished inside those circumstances, isn’t always something that we aren’t pleased with. We are nonetheless happy with this and experience that there’s lots for people to truely love. So it’s my fine desire. It’s interesting to consider the theoreticals because of course, you recognize, you exchange any one factor, and the whole thing adjustments.

You may want to just move down a rabbit hole.

I have a quick query. Is there a chance that we can also receive a ninety-minute “Walking Dead” collection finale or a further-long farewell episode due to the fact you guys had been filming that finale episode for nearly all of March?

We have been filming it for some time. [laughter] That stays to be visible. We’ll see what happens.

Fingers crossed.Kang didn’t understand the Maggie and Negan by-product become going to be introduced whilst writing the finale season.

This combat between Leah and Maggie would’ve been more interesting if fans didn’t experience like Maggie had plot armor due to an upcoming “TWD” spinoff that AMC announced in March.Jace Downs/AMC

Do you want that the Maggie/Negan derivative, “Isle of the Dead,” perhaps wasn’t announced till after the 11B finale? Were you amazed that was announced? I ask because I concept it took a bit bit out of the massive combat between Maggie and Leah, which become so right via the way on Sunday’s episode, however it would’ve felt just like the stakes were a bit higher for Maggie’s protection if it wasn’t introduced.

Yeah, you already know, I can not genuinely comment on the actions of these types of things. I in reality, whilst we had been writing the season and filming it, we did now not understand that it turned into going to be introduced. So maybe things could’ve been handled a touch in another way, however, you realize, it’s above my pay grade.Norman Reedus weighed in on how Leah’s death scene have to pass down. Dialogue among Daryl and Leah was considered.

On Sunday’s finale, I was a little greatly surprised that Daryl simply shoots Leah proper in the back of the pinnacle and she never even sees it coming or is aware of it is him. They by no means share some other interaction.

Did you ever consider having a few speak among the 2? Why was this the manner to go away things? I concept maybe you had larger plans for her to sign up for up with the Civic Republic Military for a few destiny showdown.

Oh, it is interesting. With Leah, we went via many, many iterations of the tale and I think we even had an new release wherein Daryl and Leah had more of a conversation, but that is one of the cases in which in collaboration with our actors, Norman, virtually turned into feeling like, “I don’t even suppose I’d have some thing left to say to her. If I got here in and simply saw Maggie in danger, I would take her out at that factor.”

So, in this example, we desired to additionally admire the actor’s feelings about where he felt his individual turned into at that point inside the story. So, yeah, there could have been an new release with greater verbal exchange, but I suppose this iteration makes sense, too. Sometimes there is alternate at realities. It may be one thing and it could be every other thing and that is the unique direction we went down.

But I assume for Daryl, the feeling became, he’d given her a few huge probabilities and he just became like, “Well, you recognize what? She’s too a ways long gone.” She’s too a long way long gone and Maggie’s in hazard and I’m in no way gonna hesitate for a 2d due to the fact she’s my circle of relatives.

How many chances are you able to deliver a person? The closing words that he says to her hint that if he sees her again, he will kill her. And he is a man of his word.

Yeah, this is right.There are creative pandemic limitations in each episode we’ve seen considering that filming at some stage in the pandemic commenced.

Lance Hornsby rounds up Rachel and the Oceanside community on the stop of Sunday’s “TWD”Jace Downs/AMC


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