THE SECRET: DARE TO DREAM (2020) Remember The Secret ? First released in 2006


This self-control book, written by an Australian writer named Rhonda Byrne , has become one of the most popular and most talked about books for literary connoisseurs in the world thanks to claims based on the Law of Attraction which motivates that positive thinking can make you happy. and change life to be positive too. To date, the book has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, been translated into more than 50 languages, garnered the attention of major figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King, while establishing Byrne as one of the world’s most influential figures of choice. TIME magazine in 2007. The success of The Secret, of course, doesn’t just stop at one book. Since 2010, Byrne has released five books that still relate to the themes that were rolled out on The Secret . The series of motivational words on the pages of The Secret also inspired Hollywood to produce a film with a similar themed story.

Armed with a script that he worked on together with Rick Parks ( Ever After: A Cinderella Story , 1998) and Bekah Brunstetter , director Andy Tennant ( The Bounty Hunter , 2010) presented The Secret: Dare to Dream whose story contains a line of values ​​presented by Byrne in his The Secret book series . There is nothing really special about this film. As a story presentation based on a self-mastery book, it’s easy to guess The Secret: Dare to Dreamwill present a storyline that has the impression of trying to encourage the audience to reach better levels and living conditions. Indeed, it is not a big problem for a film to have its own agenda in their storytelling if that agenda is able to be presented in a story that remains captivating. Then what about this film?

The storyline of The Secret: Dare to Dream begins when the car being driven by Miranda Wells ( Katie Holmes ), who is a single mother of three children, Missy Wells ( Sarah Hoffmeister ), Greg Wells ( Aidan Brennan ), and Bess Wells ( Chloe Lee ), accidentally crashes into a car driven by a lecturer named Bray Johnson ( Josh Lucas .).). Instead of feeling angry or demanding compensation, Bray Johnson actually offered to repair the damage to the car owned by Miranda Wells. The meeting turned out to be the beginning of a deeper relationship for the two. Miranda Wells, who was in the midst of difficult economic conditions after the death of her husband, felt helped by the presence of Bray Johnson in her daily life. At the same time, the presence of Bray Johnson slowly causes jealousy to Tucker Middendorf ( Jerry O’Connell ), the man who is Miranda Wells’ boss and has been harboring a crush on her for a long time.

The premise and development of the story given in The Secret: Dare to Dream seems so simple – if you don’t want to call it shallow: a character who is feeling depressed about his life then meets someone who always tries to appear positive and then has an impact on both of their lives. . The same thing can also be felt in the line of supporting conflicts that follow the main story as well as the characters who fill the storyline. Even though it seems so familiar, Tennant is still able to work on the story with a narrative rhythm that is quite worthy to be enjoyed. The Secret: Dare to Dream can also wrap up various “story agendas” that he wants to convey in a smooth manner and never feel like he is forcing his presence.

The storylines between characters, though cliched, still be presented in a warm, particularly thanks to the appearance of the performers acting department that film did not disappoint. Holmes and Lucas managed to turn the two characters they play well as generate chemistry quite convincing. And although far from being special, the cast were also present with the appearance of acting does not disappoint. The Secret: Dare to Dream and then ended up as a presentation that is not bad – or capable of triggering resentment audience – though obviously it would be difficult to produce a deep impression at once easy to wonder just a few minutes after the film ended the story.


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