The New Warzone Map: Release Date, Leaked Snap Shots, Gameplay & Size

Every new 12 months method a brand new CoD, and in recent times, it additionally means a new Warzone map. So wherein is the new Warzone map set? When will it be released? And, how massive will it’s?

Modern Warfare 2 is possibly to be one of the great-promoting CoDs inside the remaining five years, at the least. But except the marketing campaign, the multiplayer, and the mysterious 1/3-mode, we are also hyped for what this indicates for Warzone. A new map from Infinity Ward, the guys in the back of the OG Verdansk, will in reality be a crowd-pleaser. Here’s the entirety we recognise approximately it so far Whole Map Leaked, Including Every POI!Update June 10, Colombia Confirmed

We can now verify that the new map may be set in a fictional Colombian metropolis. Many parents are claiming it’s Medellín, but it is simply a fictional place based on Medellín (Activision do not want to get into any political hassle). You can see a photograph of the area in the Modern Warfare 2 trailer: Would you like a South American Warzone map? were given the new revision of Rebirth Island – Rebirth Reinforced. A bigger new BR Warzone map can be launched about one month after the discharge of Modern Warfare II in overdue October 2022. So overdue November, however these things are nearly always not on time by way of at the least one week in Warzone, so the first week of December might be a extra accurate prediction.

Everything We Know About The New Warzone Map

Below we can show you the whole thing we recognise about the brand new Warzone map. We will maintain updating this text as soon as we discover new records. Everything we know thus far about the new Warzone Map may be discovered after the cutting-edge map changes.

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Caldera Map Changes

Since Season 3 and the Operation Monarch occasion brought some new POIs on Caldera, we have not received any new map modifications. As soon as some thing full-size adjustments on Caldera or Rebirth Island once more, you will discover right here.New BR Warzone 2 MapWhole Map Leaked

Here is a drawing of the map, which includes POIs, that leaker Tom Henderson supplied the community on May 25:What do you suspect, better © Activision

Shortly after this drawing turned into leaked, an industrious fan created a colored version of the map and shared it with us on Twitter. The finished map could appear like this:

WARZONE 2 MAP based totally on @_Tom_Henderson_ ‘s Leak.

100 Retweets for Textless model and perhaps a Verdansk model too— EmadAlden_ (@emadalden_) May 27, 2022

MWII Set In South America

We can now affirm that Modern Warfare II could be set, as a minimum in-element, in South America. This is probably the area of our subsequent Rebirth-sized map, but the BR-sized map we nonetheless accept as true with is set some place else. Here’s the leak which has discovered MW2s putting:

For those wondering, the plot of MWII is Task Force 141 combating in opposition to the Colombian drug cartels. Hence the reference.— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) March 3, 2022

Size of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map will almost virtually be a complete-sized BR-map, approximately the size of Caldera and Verdansk. Although fear now not, Rebirth fanatics, because a much-smaller map is anticipated to arrive midway through 2022. You can already catch a glimpse of a Rebirth length map that the Sledgehammer team are working on way to this leak regarding the brand new Vanguard season.

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Location of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map is maximum likely to take region inside the locations that were most iconic to the unique Modern Warfare 2 in 2009; suburban America or the Favelas of Brazil. Of those , suburban America is possibly to be the one they have chosen, because it offers a extra diploma of variance within the map, and a better combo of natural and guy-made terrain. New Vehicles for the New Warzone Map

Each large Warzone map has brought new vehicles, and we’re going to possibly see the identical aspect once more, but we don’t know what those motors are but. Verdansk already blanketed most of the main car sorts, however a few more domestic automobile types could be a terrific bet. A sports activities car is pretty probable truely because they might promote so many The Best AR in Warzone

Places of Interest on the New Warzone Map

We don’t but realize any of the locations of hobby in the new Warzone map. The best factor we’d chance a wager at is the location of those POIs. In Verdansk they were all connected, but in Caldera, they feel weirdly separated from each other. It’s possibly we’ll see a return to a greater connected map design.

New Rebirth-sized Map for Warzone 2

According to our favorite leaker Tom Henderson, a 2nd map for Warzone 2 is already in development, on the way to be approximately the dimensions of Rebirth Island. However, this 2d map can be launched after the release of Warzone 2.

A 2nd Warzone 2 map, comparable in size to Rebirth Island is in development.— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) May 31, 2022

If Warzone 2 follows a similar agenda as Warzone, we anticipate the second one, smaller map to be launched in past due 2023.Will Caldera Be Removed?

Yes, Caldera will almost absolutely be eliminated, as Verdansk turned into. This is in component just to get humans to play the brand new content material, but extra than something, it just makes realistic experience due to the fact those maps are so massive (2 hundred GB as a minimum). Until then, why no longer make the most of getting Caldera for your sport:

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