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Who doesn’t love a terrific romance film? And no one does romantic movies better than South Koreans! So right here’s a list of Korean romantic movies to put on while you’re bringing your date home.

If you need to relaxed up in your accomplice on a wet day, watch some thing heartwarming whilst down, or even recover from a terrible breakup, a candy romantic comedy or deeply romantic drama would do the trick.  

And on account that a variety of humans have already experienced the saccharine, sluggish-burn goodness that is the romantic K-drama, it’s obvious that Korean films are also trendy.

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A lot of those Korean romantic films have exquisite scenic backdrops, a lovable soundtrack, and allow’s no longer overlook the good-looking essential leads! 

In brief, those films have all of the elements required for an epic romantic movie!

If you want to devise out your subsequent date, here is my listing of Korean romantic movies, you ought to watch!Korean Romantic MoviesWhere You Can Watch ThemIMDB RatingsCastaway at the Werewolf BoyNetflix, Viki7.three/10A Moment to RememberNetflix, Amazon Prime8.2/10The Beauty Inside Netflix, Amazon Prime, Viki7.four/10Be With YouViki7.7/10200 Pounds BeautyNetflix6.7/10Il MareNetflix7.five/10My Sassy GirlNetflix, Romantic Movies 2022Castaway on the Moon

What I cherished most about this film is that it isn’t your traditional run-of-the-mill romance. 

It’s very surreal and touching and has darkish themes together with suicide and internet addiction.

How on the planet is it a romantic film, you ask? Well, I received’t provide you with spoilers.

The movie Castaway To The Moon facilities on Kim Seong-geun, a lonely guy who shuns society and prefers the internet to the real global.

One night time as Kim tries suicide he’s noticed by way of a photographer Kim Jung-yeon who loves photographing the moon.

These not likely enthusiasts soon strike up a verbal exchange based on messages in bottles and scribbled notes. 

How their love comes to be is a heartwarming tale! 

The one element with a view to at once draw you inside the film is the heartwarming performances via the 2 major leads. I mainly cherished Jung Jae-younger’s portrayal of a person in grief and turmoil.

I want to alert you that this isn’t like your run of the mill Korean romance films.It explores darkish themes and may be a heavy watch.

However, the witty screenplay and awesome appearing make it a pinnacle contender on my Korean love story film listing!

  • Korean Title: 김씨 표류기 (Kimssi Pyoryugi)
  • Year Of Release: 2008
  • Starring: Jung Jae-young, Jung Ryeo-won
  • Rating: 8.6/10

A Werewolf Boy

Move away Twilight and Teen Wolf, this Korean film has were given the supernatural romance topic to perfection! 

The film beings with an vintage woman reminiscing about her old flame. Kim Sun-Yi became only a little female inside the Sixties when she discovers a wild boy near her home who her type mother mistakes for an orphan.

But something’s not proper approximately the boy as Kim Sun-yi soon discovers. I just love heartwarming A Werewolf Boy is notwithstanding not being very richly targeted inside the plot.

While the movie isn’t speak-heavy, it manages to deliver tears in your eyes simply via its lovely cinematography and haunting rating. 

And the appearing prowess of the 2 youngsters is something to be celebrated! It changed into extremely good to look at those younger kids emote so well on display screen.

The film’s a completely drama heavy. The screenplay meanders a piece particularly in the last half of of the movie but the attraction and aesthetic of the film make up for it in my view.

I additionally liked the cinematography in this film. There is a cold blue filter and a foggy impact that gives you the feeling that you’re looking the movie out of a dew-covered window. It’s a clearly beautiful artistic preference.

  • Korean Title: 늑대소년 (Neukdae Sonyeon)
  • Year Of Release: 2012
  • Starring: Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-young
  • Rating: 8.4/10

A Moment to Remember

This is one of the most stereotypical movies in my list of swoon-worth Korean romantic movies. But that’s not a horrific aspect in any respect. 

The film revolves round a lady Kim Su-jin who belongs to a rich family. She falls in love with Choi Chul-soo who occurs to be a humble production employee.

Not most effective does this couple must battle the class differences that are available their way, Kim Su-jin additionally receives with Alzheimer’s.

Let me provide you with a warning, A Moment To Remember film is a tearjerker and a massive one at that. Keep your tissues equipped! I’ve discovered it to be one of the fine Korean romantic films of all times.

I won’t give you any spoilers here, but in case you watch it, you’ll recognize why!

  • Korean Title:  내 머리 속의 지우개(Nae Meorisogui Jiugae)
  • Year Of Release: 2004
  • Starring: Jung Woo-sung, Son Ye-jin
  • Rating: 8.2/10

The Beauty Inside

Now this film has one of the most interesting concepts I’ve visible nowadays! The foremost love hobby is a man, Woo-Jin who doesn’t have a frame.

Or alternatively he doesn’t have one body as his consciousness flits from one character to another every day.

One day he is probably Korean, sooner or later he may not. Sometimes, he isn’t even a man! So naturally, Woo-Jin’s performed by many different actors inclusive of Park Shin Hye. 

But one thing remains consistent – Woo-jin is head over heels in love with only one lady Yi-soo!  As far as Korean romance movies pass, this one is a ways from formulaic.

If you’re partial to books as well as movies whilst it to romance, you’ll locate the plot has similarities to that of David Levithan’s Every Day.

That’s as a long way as I’ll screen approximately the plot! You’ve were given to look at the film for your self. The Beauty Inside is now on Netflix too, so you can take a look at it out right here.

  • Korean Title: 뷰티 인사이드 (Byuti Insaideu)
  • Year Of Release: 2015
  • Starring: Han Hyo-joo, Park Shin-hye, Go Ah-sung
  • Rating: 7.4/10

Be With You

Be With You is a remake of a Japanese film of the equal call. The story follows Woo-Jin, a unmarried father who struggles to elevate his son after the demise of his wife.

But in the future, his spouse Soo-ah reputedly returns from the useless, and not using a reminiscence by any means of dying.

This movie is pretty heartwarming and melodramatic, so that you can positioned it on throughout a date. 

  • Korean Title: 지금 만나러 갑니다 (Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida)
  • Year Of Release: 2018
  • Starring: So Ji-sub, Son Ye-jin
  • Rating: 7.7/10

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I think every person is aware of approximately the splendor standards in South Korea at this point. So is it sincerely surprising that there’s a film approximately plastic surgical treatment as it’s imperative subject?

The film is the story of a ghost singer Kang Han-na who’s regularly omitted because of her overweight look.

Until she gets a plastic surgical procedure and will become warm! 

If you’re searching out a nuanced, oscar-worth tale of self-love, this ain’t it.

But in case you want a a laugh tackle South Korea’s obsession with beauty and a cutesy romance, this film is a brilliant watch. 

  • Korean Title: 미녀는 괴로워 (Minyeoneun Goerowo)
  • Year Of Release: 2006
  • Starring: Kim Ah-Joong, Joo Jin-mo
  • Rating: 6.6/10

Il Mare

If you’re no longer up for a romantic comedy and need to look at something more introspective, there’s constantly Il Mare.

This film become no longer a massive monetary achievement while it first came out, but slowly it has grow to be a cult favorite over time. 

The movie tells the story of folks that stay in the identical residence handiest at distinctive instances. But their love enables go beyond area and time. 

Il Mare became also remade in English because the Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. 

  • Korean Title: 시월애 (Siworae)
  • Year Of Release: 2000
  • Starring: Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae
  • Rating: 7.5/10

Architecture 101

The fundamental subject matter of this Korean romantic movie is nostalgia, destiny, and finding a lost love. 

It beings with an old girl Yang Seo-yeon who asks her vintage architecture classmate Lee Seung-min to help her layout her domestic.

The film is sprinkled with 90s references and brings you a cute dose of nostalgia. 

A heartwarming tale as a way to truly remind you of your past love. 

  • Korean Title: 건축학개론 (Geonchukhakgaeron)
  • Year Of Release: 2012
  • Starring: Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, Bae Suzy
  • Rating: 7.2/10

Just watched this korean film known as “Architecture one zero one”. I have to say that im impressed 🙆🏻‍♂️ I dont generally watch korean romance/drama movies, however that is totally worth it, loved every little bit of it 👌🏻 Storyline became exciting, the forged is amazing, im hooked 🤗 #RekomenFilem— Ted (@anssyakir) July 15, 2019

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