The Moment Of Shuhua (G)I-DLE Panic After Raising Middle Finger Becomes A Conversation


(G)I-DLE Was Lined Up To Perform At The Keimyung University Campus Festival On May 17. In Particular, Shuhua Attracted Attention As He Was Seen Holding Up His Middle Finger.

(G)I-DLE was recently invited to fill the Keimyung University campus festival. The girl group fronted by Yuqi cs also successfully hit the stage and received a lot of love from the audience.

This year, Keimyung University has invited Psy , (G)I-DLE, and IVE to perform at the 2022 campus spring festival. Miyeon cs was lined up to perform on May 17 and the video of the girl group’s performance immediately went viral.

In particular, Shuhua attracted attention as he was seen holding up his middle finger. The beautiful idol initially made a punk rock facial expression when she made a ‘Rock-on’ hand gesture.

But Shuhua forgot that he was holding the microphone in his left hand alternately until he accidentally raised his middle finger. The 2000-born idol quickly realized what he had done.

Shuhua frantically waved her hand and corrected herself. The moment Shuhua panicked after accidentally raising her middle finger immediately became the talk of South Korean netizens on online forums.

“That’s so cute,” wrote one netizen. “I love how he has to make sure we know it was done by accident,” added another. “It’s funny how he looks surprised too after he accidentally raised his finger, lol,” said another.

“Shuhua became Shuhua, very cute. His facial expression is also very cute, I will faint,” continued another netizen. “I don’t think it will be controversial even if he lifts his two middle fingers because he is too cute,” concluded another netizen.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE recently announced that it would hold the first concert tour “JUST ME ( )I-DLE”. After starting with a two-night concert in Seoul on June 18 and 19, (G)I-DLE will head to the United States.

(G)I-DLE will visit eight different cities in the United States in July and August. The group will then head to Santiago, Mexico City, and Monterrey before returning to Asia to perform in Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, and Singapore.


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