The Film ‘Batman’ At That Time Never Progressed To The Production Stage, And Those Involved Moved On To Other Projects. In An Interview, Murray Was Asked About The Reason.


Actor Bill Murray recently talked about offers that have come his way in the past. He has apparently been approached to star in the film ” Batman ” directed by the late Ivan Reitman.

In the 1980s, Reitman had a vision to make his own Batman movie. The idea required two of Hollywood’s biggest comedy icons, Murray and Eddie Murphy , to play the Dynamic Duo. Until then, Adam West was the only person to play Batman in a live-action film.

Murray reportedly agreed to follow up on West’s role as a superhero for Reitman. The role of Robin was then offered to Murphy. Unfortunately, the Batman film never progressed to production, and those involved moved on to other projects.

Reitman’s “Batman” ideas faded until interest in the superhero was renewed with the latest release of ” The Batman “. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment , Murray was asked about the reasons why his Batman films failed.

“I spoke to Eddie Murphy about it and Eddie wanted to play Batman,” he said. “The conversation went that far and I didn’t want to be Boy Wonder to anyone. Maybe much earlier, when I was a kid. But it was too late in the ’80s.”

In addition, he also mentioned that Murphy turned down the role of Robin because the actor wanted the lead role.

“Also, I can’t match that outfit. Eddie looks good in purple, and I look good in purple. If I wear red and green, I look like one of Santa’s fairies,” she continued. “There’s just a lot of arrogance involved in the production. That’s not going to happen.”

According to Murray, the film never had a chance. Both actors were at the top of their game and refused to play side roles. Reitman persisted in trying to make a Batman film, but ultimately turned it down as he wanted to focus on another ongoing project with Murray, ” Ghostbusters “.


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