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Every new yr method a new CoD, and in recent times, it additionally means a new Warzone map. So in which is the brand new Warzone map set? When will or not it’s released? And, how large will it’s?

Modern Warfare 2 is probably to be one of the first-rate-promoting CoDs in the ultimate 5 years, at least. But except the campaign, the multiplayer, and the mysterious 1/3-mode, we’re also hyped for what this indicates for Warzone. A new map from Infinity Ward, the guys at the back of the OG Verdansk, will genuinely be a crowd-pleaser. Here’s the whole thing we recognise approximately it to date!Release Date of 2022’s New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map might be released about one month after the release of Modern Warfare 2 in late October 2022. So overdue November, however these things are almost always not on time by at least one week in Warzone, so the first week of December is probably a more correct prediction. Everything We Know About 2022’s New Warzone Map

We preserve this article updated each time we discover new statistics, thus far, that is what we understand approximately the new map’s length, putting, POIs, and vehicles. Size of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map will almost simply be a complete-sized BR-map, about the scale of Caldera and Verdansk. Although worry not, Rebirth enthusiasts, due to the fact a much-smaller map is anticipated to reach midway via 2022. You can already trap a glimpse of a Rebirth length map that the Sledgehammer group are operating on thanks to this leak concerning the new Vanguard season. Location of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map is most possibly to take region in the locations that were maximum iconic to the authentic Modern Warfare 2 in 2009; suburban America or the Favelas of Brazil. Of those , suburban America is probable to be the only they’ve selected, because it offers a extra diploma of variance in the map, and a higher blend of natural and man-made terrain. New Vehicles for the New Warzone Map

Each big Warzone map has delivered new cars, and we’ll in all likelihood see the identical element once more, however we don’t recognize what these vehicles are but. Verdansk already blanketed maximum of the principle car sorts, but a few extra home automobile kinds might be a very good wager. A sports activities automobile is pretty probably without a doubt because they may sell so many cosmetics for it. of Interest at the New Warzone Map

We don’t yet recognize any of the places of interest within the new Warzone map. The handiest issue we’d threat a guess at is the position of those POIs. In Verdansk they were all linked, but in Caldera, they feel weirdly separated from one another. It’s probably we’ll see a go back to a greater linked map layout. Will Caldera Be Removed?

Yes, Caldera will nearly without a doubt be removed, as Verdansk was. This is in part simply to get people to play the brand new content material, but more than some thing, it just makes sensible feel because these maps are so huge (2 hundred GB as a minimum). Until then, why now not make the most of getting Caldera on your sport:


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