The Batman Robert Pattinson Will Be The New Dark Knight, Remember! Ben Affleck Is Now The Flash


The Batman Robert Pattinson will be the new The Dark Knight , replacing Ben Affleck who is already a character in The Flash.

Robert Pattinson has tried from scratch to become The Batman that will become your favourite. Ben Affleck’s charm may still remain in the minds of fans, but in fact Robert Pattinson is The Batman of today.

Although initially the DCEU was still going to make Ben Affleck the Dark Knight, his decision to step back made The Batman Robert Pattinson come forward as a fan favorite in the future.

When Ben Affleck decided to step down from the solo film The Batman , the script underwent an overhaul and director Matt Reeves was responsible for directing the new actor , namely Robert Pattinson .

Initially , The Batman Robert Pattinson was doubted by some DC fans, especially because it was announced as a former Twilight star who is a handsome vampire.

But as time went on and as the film drew closer, fans began to change their minds. Especially after seeing the action of The Batman Robert Pattinson in the trailer and promotional images that have been released.

Not only does it change feelings of doubt, but it makes The Batman Robert Pattinson seem to be the new idol this time.

Recently Matt Reeves also shared the news that he was already thinking about a sequel to The Batman . This means that he is very confident about making The Batman universe big; even the biggest in the history of The Dark Knight .

Fans have started commenting after watching the premiere of The Batman on MTV Movies.

Matt Reeves delivers a nail-biting, gritty, fun Batman story. Unilad calls it ‘euphoria’. Empire described it as ‘gripping’ and Insider claimed ‘ Robert Pattinson is going to be your new favorite Batman .”

Not only Robert Pattinson as a new idol, Matt Reeves seems to really want to show The Batman which has its own world as an evolution of the DCEU film .

Ben Affleck has been working on a version of the script, and I said, here’s the thing: I respect that the DC Universe has become an extended universe and all the films are connected. But another Batman movie , it shouldn’t have to bear the burden of connecting characters from all those other films . I don’t want them there, ” said Matt Reeves.

Matt Reeves has targeted Robert Pattinson to become The Batman . The director of The Batman film gave an excuse when speaking on the red carpet at the premiere.

Matt Reeves admits that Robert Pattinson is a great actor, from his work at Twilight to acknowledging him as a brave and extraordinary actor.

“ I saw the movie called Good Time that he did, and then I thought there was something in this show that told me he could be Batman. We met and it turned out that he really wanted to be Batman, and I really wanted to; so it worked ,” said Matt Reeves.

Matt Reeves has acknowledged the greatness of Robert Pattinson who managed to become the new Batman , how about you? Look forward to the premiere of The Batman Movie on March 2, OK!


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