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Korean dramas have endured to captivate audiences international in 2021, perhaps extra than in years earlier than.

So what are the Best Korean Dramas of 2021?

In this listing, Cinema Escapist has chosen 2021’s pinnacle Korean dramas — throughout a range of genres consisting of romance, thriller, motion, sci-fi, crime, and beyond. These Korean dramas also celebrity top actors like Song Joong-ki, Lee Seung-gi, Park Shin-hye, Yoo Ah-in, Han So-hee, and extra.

Several elements informed our selections. First, we handiest picked K-dramas that debuted in 2021. Of those dramas, we then looked for ones with excessive amusement cost and wider availability on international streaming structures like Netflix. Finally, in keeping with Cinema Escapist’s ethos, we tilted the listing in desire of 2021 Korean dramas that eschew romantic tropes in want of innovative storylines and social focus.

Using those elements, we’ve curated eleven choices for 2021’s satisfactory Korean dramas. Check out our list, which includes streaming hyperlinks (while available)!

•  •  •eleven Genres: Crime, Mystery

In the 2021 Korean drama Mouse, top big name Lee Seung-gi plays a carefree rookie police officer named Jung Ba-reum. However, Jung’s idyllic lifestyles takes a drastic twist whilst he becomes wrapped up in a string of surprising serial killings across Korea. As Jung dives deeper into the killings, the display starts to discover chilling questions on what it way to be a psychopath.

Mouse became one in all 2021’s most-watched Korean dramas, a lot in order that it got 3 unique and two spin-off episodes on pinnacle of its ordinary run. While this K-drama’s plot may be a piece unwieldy, those who are Lee Seung-gi enthusiasts will in all likelihood revel in it all of the way to the cease Genres: Sci-fi, Action

There’ve been many blockbuster sci-fi Korean movies (ex. Space Sweepers, Seo Bok) these days. If you want a drama accomplice to the ones films, look no similarly than Sisyphus: The Myth

In this flashy sci-fi Korean drama, Cho Seung-woo stars as a genius inventor who invents a time visiting device, and Park Shin-hye stars as a mysterious female with fantastic fight abilities who ought to assist him store the world from disaster. Sisyphus has compelling worldbuilding and captivating special effects for a K-drama. It also has exquisite combat scenes and suspense.

Stream this Korean drama on Netflixnine Genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Thriller

2021 drama Jirisan takes its name from one among South Korea’s most hallowed mountains, and the namesake of the country’s oldest countrywide park. The display stars Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon respectively as Seo Yi-kang and Kang Hyun-jo, rangers at Jirisan National Park.

In Jirisan, Seo and Kang start off collaborating on rescues of lacking hikers. However, because the series progresses, greater mysterious and supernatural occasions begin to fall upon Jirisan National Park, and take a look at the 2 rangers. This K-drama holds an excellent amount of suspense, and BTS stans will in all likelihood enjoy the truth that BTS’ Jin sang its subject matter tune.

Stream this Korean drama on iQiyi (or move on Viki)8. Taxi Driver</iframe>”>

Starring: Lee Je-hoon, Esom, Kim Eui-sung, Pyo Ye-jin film called A Taxi Driver! The 2021 Korean drama Taxi Driver stars Lee Je-hoon as a former special forces officer who joins a mysterious taxi provider called Rainbow Taxi Company. Rather than certainly transportation humans, Rainbow is actually a service that helps victims of crimes take revenge on their perpetrators.

Taxi Driver became one of 2021’s highest rated dramas in South Korea. The display took inspiration from real crook instances in Korea, and highlights social issues like migrant employee exploitation and college bullying. While its violence and brutality might not be for all of us, Taxi Driver need to fulfill each person searching out a slick, stylized tackle serving justice.

Stream this Korean drama on Viki7. My Name</iframe>”>

Starring: Han So-hee, Park Hee-quickly, Ahn Bo-hyun sizable popularity in 2020’s The World of the Married, Han So-hee garnered a captivating lead position within the 2021 K-drama My Name. If you revel in action-packed lady-led revenge memories like Sympathy for Lady Vengeance or The Villainess, then you have to check out this drama. In My Name, Han So-hee performs a female who pledges to avenge the murder of her father in any respect expenses. She trains for combat with the group her father turned into reputedly involved with, and then infiltrates the anti-narcotics unit of the police force to higher find her father’s killer. However, the deeper she digs, the greater mysteries she begins to get to the bottom of about her dad’s death.

My Name contains non-prevent action and could maintain you for your ft with its twists and turns. Its soundtrack and cinematography also create a compelling, brooding environment Genres: Action, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror

As coronavirus spread, 2020 noticed pandemic-themed Korean movies like #Alive and Peninsula advantage popularity on streaming services global. 2021 gives us Happiness—a Korean drama whose cheery call belies its survival-horror premise.

Popular actress Han Hyo-joo stars as this K-drama’s lead, a special operations police officer named Yoon Sae-bom. Yoon lives in a world rife with ailment—consisting of a new variety that gives humans zombie-like structures. As this novel zombie infection spreads round Yoon’s new apartment complex and triggers lockdowns, Yoon have to take care of challenges each viral and human.

Happiness incorporates superb performing, aptly applied set portions, and ample movement. Unlike many other K-dramas, its pace doesn’t drag either. Furthermore, thru strategies just like the prolonged architectural metaphor of Yoon’s towering apartment complicated, the show additionally offers fascinating observation on social inequalities that evoke other hit Korean titles like Train to Busan and Parasite.

Stream this Korean drama on Viki.6.  Mine</iframe>”>

Starring: Kim Seo-hyung, Lee Bo-younger, Ok Ja-yeon a fan of collection like Penthouse and SKY Castle that explore the intrigues of wealthy Korean households, you’ll revel in Mine. This 2021 top K-drama facilities on three ladies who reside within the mansion of a conglomerate circle of relatives. Two of those protagonists are daughters in regulation, and the 0.33 is a instruct. However, Mine isn’t just some vapid chronicle of immoderate spending and luxury. The drama’s major characters fight injustice and prejudice with electricity and grace. Amidst conservative attitudes towards gender roles and LGBTQ individuals, Mine’s leads can show inspiring yet additionally relatable to female audiences worldwide.

Stream this Korean drama on Netflix5 Genres: Crime, Comedy, Action, Revenge

Song Joong-ki is one of the maximum bankable actors within the K-drama universe. In 2021, he scored every other hit with the profitable slow-burning Vincenzo.

In this K-drama, Song performs a Korean named Vincenzo Cassano, who turned into adopted via an Italian mafia own family and becomes a legal professional for them after growing up. However, an tried assasination sends Vincenzo fleeing back to Seoul, determined to rediscover his bearings. Vincenzo finally ends up teaming up with a scrappy law company against an evil conglomerate, if you want to get better his both experience of purpose and a hidden bite of gold.

Vincenzo has some thing for every person—violent action, jokes, romance, you call it. Song brings a strong overall performance as the title individual, and his appearing allows audiences higher ponder an interesting imperative subject matter: do you want to be a monster to combat monsters?

Want to listen what a real Italian thinks of Vincenzo? Read our article! 

Stream this Korean drama on Netflix4 Genres: Family, Social Issue

Loneliness is on the rise in contemporary South Korea—and so are solitary deaths. Move to Heaven explores this phenomenon thru the eyes of trauma cleaners, who’re tasked with cleaning the property and residences of people who buy along.


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