The 100 Funniest Comedies Of All Time


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Giggle together with our listing of the exceptional humorous movies like ‘Borat’ and ‘Mean Girls’, as selected by Time Out writers and pinnacle comedians

What makes a splendid comedy? It can be the funny story-laden script (obvs), performances which have comedian timing all the way down to a fine art, or an appropriate chemistry of a antique double act. It is probably the way they’ve elderly, deepening in pathos with every passing decade in methods their creators never imagined (see: Chaplin’s The Great Dictator). Equally, it could be a sense of fearlessness, of noting the possibly scruples of audiences and critics and just telling their subversive jokes besides (see: Mel Brooks’ complete CV). Sometimes, it’s about extent: throwing such a lot of ridiculous gags on the display screen that the general impact leaves you gasping for air in among the stomach laughs. There’s a purpose Top Secret!, Airplane and The Naked Gun all make our list of the 100 Greatest Comedy Movies of all time.

But it’s not simply excessive-gag-charge spoofs that fill this list – there are exquisite romcoms, satires, gross-out and teenager comedies (there’s overlap there), screwballs… you name it, it’s right here. With the help of comedies like Diane Morgan and Russell Howard, actors (thanks John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker, amongst others), directors like Richard Curtis and a small military of Time Out writers, we’ve painstaking scoured the style’s history to cherry-select the greatest chuckle machines in life. Every flavor and feel of humour is catered for here, no matter how stupid or state-of-the-art. But if you’re now not in the temper for an amazing giggle right now, permit us to point you towards some traditional horrors, thrillers and motion movies that would hit the spot alternatively.The a hundred excellent comedy films

‘I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?’

Cast: Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro

Meeting your partner’s dad and mom is bound to be annoying – however Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) has it worse than most. Turns out his ability father in law (Robert De Niro) is a former CIA agent with a suspicious nature – and a polygraph lie-detector device at his disposal. Over the course of an eventful visit, Focker’s misfortune builds to a farcical crescendo as his intended (Teri Polo) appears on. Stiller is on hilarious, hapless form and De Niro has never been funnier.

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett

When Cady (Lindsay Lohan) actions from being domestic-schooled via her mother and father in Africa to an American excessive school, she has impolite awakening. Confronted by the school’s hierarchy where recognition method everything, she finds herself infiltrating the female clique The Plastics. Loaded with snort-out-loud moments, the script, penned through Tina Fey, is packed with zingers. It’s a film that provides actual insight and empathy as well as a hearty dose of putdowns and comeuppances.

‘It’s the one that asserts Bad Motherfucker.’

Cast: John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson

Is Pulp Fiction a comedy? Perhaps only inside the experience that all Quentin Tarantino’s movies, from Reservoir Dogs to Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, have a strong streak of black humour strolling via them – and regardless of the genre or tale, they’re frequently fuelled by using the disconnect among their characters’ chat and their violent eventualities. That’s in large part right down to Tarantino’s playful use of language, typified on this stylised crime tale by way of hitmen John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson chewing the fat over their favorite burgers or discussing why one of them refuses to eat red meat. Jackson especially proves himself a grasp of gallows humour.

Dave Calhoun Global Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Time Out

‘You wanna be a huge cop in a small metropolis? Fuck off up the version village.’

Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman

Edgar Wright’s comply with-up to Shaun of the Dead is a bigger, busier, slightly much less focused ramble through small-town cop-movie clichés, but it might simply be the higher movie, cashing in on a script packed with clever one-liners and neat riffs on everything from Hammer horror to comfortable ITV dramas. It additionally, lest we forget about, sports activities arguably the finest assisting cast ever assembled, with (very deep breath) Paddy Considine, Jim Broadbent, Billie Whitelaw, Martin Freeman, Olivia Colman, Edward Woodward, Bill Nighy, Timothy Dalton, The Actor Kevin Eldon, each Adam and Joe, Rory ‘The Hound’ McCann or even a masked Cate Blanchett all getting into at the motion. 

‘The idea of working for your blouse sleeves! Think of the surprise to your customers, women of subculture and refinement!’

Cast: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

Always wearing round specs and straw boater, silent comic Harold Lloyd’s shtick was to cultivate a likeable boy-subsequent-door character, then placed his protagonist in hair-elevating jeopardy. In his high-quality-recognized function, his plan to get an athletic acquaintance to climb a branch shop facade as a publicity stunt backfires, so Harold tackles the perilous ascent himself. Cue pesky pigeons and an inconvenient clock face in a beautifully constructed, very humorous set-piece whose clever use of angle creates vertiginous thrills without back projection – or a single computer pixel! 

‘Goddamnit, that is a darkish fucking length!’

Cast: John C Reilly, Jenna Fischer, Tim Meadows, Kristen Wiig

Spoofs of the grandly stupid Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker range had been many years out of favor in 2007, but the genre nearly needed to be resurrected in order to supply an all-out roasting of an ascendant brand of awards bait: the status musical biopic. Arriving at the heels of Jamie Foxx’s Oscar-triumphing Ray Charles influence and the Carter-Cash box-workplace phenomenon Walk the Line, co-writers Jake Kasdan and Judd Apatow superimpose factors of both – along side now not-at-all diffused bits of Elvis, Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson – into the lumpy shape of Reilly’s Dewey Cox. He’s a nicely-which means rube turned rock’n’roll pioneer who by no means quite sheds his dopey innocence, even whilst getting hooked on stronger and more potent tablets and writing more and more indulgent songs providing ‘an military of didgeridoos’. While masses absurd, Walk Hard lacks the anarchic zaniness of its parodic forebears however makes up for it with direct-hit explosions of its selected target, from the reductive portrayal of the innovative method (the title tune shoots to #1 half an hour after its recorded) and questionable casting (‘I’m Dewey’s 12-yr-old lady friend!’ yells a full-grown Kristen Wiig) to the cradle-to-grave structure. If it had been a larger hit, it would have spared us Bohemian Rhapsody – simply out of sheer embarrassment.      

‘We’ve been invaded with the aid of America. We’re all gonna be wealthy!’

Cast: Peter Riegert, Burt Lancaster, Peter Capaldi

There’s nothing pretty like an hour or inside the organization of Bill Forsyth’s evergreen comedy to fill your bucket. Peter Riegert, a truly underrated ‘comic’ straight guy (see additionally: The Mask, Animal House), is a lawyer despatched to scope out a Scottish fishing village that’s inside the attractions of an American oil organisation, most effective to fall below its spell. The tale of the little man thumbing his nose at a corporate behemoth, here even the corporate behemoth – represented through Burt Lancaster’s oil baron – catches the malicious program. Maybe there is more to life than chasing bucks after all?

‘The course of true love gathers no moss.’

Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart

A romcom that sparkles like champagne, The Philadelphia Story is a delicious comedy of misunderstandings and misdemeanours. Which of 3 men will win the coronary heart of Katharine Hepburn’s icy heiress at the eve of her wedding: her millionaire ex-husband Cary Grant, snooping reporter James Stewart or her stupid businessman fiancé John Howard? At the give up you may determine that she selections the incorrect guy, however you could’t argue with the reality that this witty, fascinating and romantic movie is a near-best comedy. 

‘Harold, every body has the right to make an ass out of themselves.’


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