Team On Going ‘Business Proposal’, Jungkook BTS’s Dramatic Taste Unexpected

Jungkook Shared An Instagram Post By Director Park Seon Ho Who Directed The Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Through Story On His Personal Account, Attracting The Attention Of Netizens.

Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) attracted attention by responding to director Park Seon Ho of the SBS drama ” Business Proposal .” Many do not think that Jungkook likes watching romantic dramas.

On March 20, Jungkook shared an Instagram post by director Park Seon Ho who directed the drama “Business Proposal” via Story on his personal account.

Previously on March 18, when Jungkook left a question on his Instagram Story, “What should I do now?” one fan replied, “The ‘Business Proposal.’ Marathon.'”

Jungkook replied, “I’ve watched all of them,” indicating that he is the drama’s on-going team. After that, the director of “Business Proposal” expressed his gratitude to the youngest member of BTS via Instagram.

Responding to Park Seon Ho’s love for him, Jungkook then shared the director’s post “Business Proposal” on Instagram Story. This interaction, of course, did not escape the spotlight of netizens.

In particular, director Park Seon Ho aroused fans’ curiosity and anticipation by providing a surprise spoiler that Jungkook will be mentioned in the upcoming episode of “Business Proposal.”

The director said in his post, “In the remaining episodes of our drama broadcast, there will be a line that reads ‘handsome guy like Jungkook,’ so don’t be surprised.”

Many are curious how Jungkook reacts when his name is mentioned like that. Some did not think that Jungkook likes to watch romantic dramas too.

“Jungkook must have seen the spoiler about that sentence too. I want to know how he will react,” commented netizens. “Jungkook won’t be surprised when he watches the drama and suddenly his name appears. He already knows he’s handsome,” added another netizen.

“I feel like watching a drama with Jungkook,” wrote netizens. “It’s adorable that Jungkook likes romantic dramas,” said another. “I often think Jungkook will prefer thriller dramas that stimulate adrenaline,” concluded another.

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