Surprise Fashion Designer Explains Why Cap Upgraded His ‘endgame’ Guard

In Avengers: Endgame, eagle-eyed Marvel fanatics may additionally have noticed that Captain America‘s defend were given an improve.

During the conflict towards Thanos, Steve Rogers’ weapon of desire looks similar to it usually has — if now not extremely worn from prolonged use. However, when Cap returns from his time-leap to the Nineteen Forties and a while notably, he brings home a slightly opportunity design for the protect, which he items to Sam Wilson.

Marvel Prop Master Russell Bobbitt changed into the special guest on the Phase Zero podcast. Speaking on the selection to trade the design for Avengers: Endgame, Bobbitt referred to that it turned into supposed to be interpreted as a “passing on the torch”, after Steve bestowed the guard on Anthony Mackie’s Sam.

“My mind-set became and the manner I noticed it, and the way I interpreted it changed into, ‘I’m handing off the torch. I’m passing the torch. I’ve made some upgrades. I want you to run with this. It’s your defend, it’s now not mine.’ Now, that’s one guy’s interpretation. Hopefully, alot of other human beings noticed it the same manner. But that’s kind of in a nutshell in which [Marvel] went with it.”

Further increasing on that point, Bobbitt referred to that Kevin Feige weighed in on the final choice to adjust the guard’s look, wording procedure as “antique Captain America handing off the shield.”

“That motivation just got here from the director. He stated shall we exchange it up. Kevin [Feige] turned into on board obviously whilst antique Captain America hands off the shield, that’s whilst we introduced it. Knowing that there could be extra to come as we noticed in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

Clearly, this was all a part of the master plan, considering that Feige and Marvel Studios knew that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could finish with Sam inheriting the protect and mantle of Captain America after Steve’s retirement. They had carefully planned the transition to feel effortless — which it became — and Falcon become able to hold the legacy of the big name-spangled superhero through Phase Four and past.’;

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