Surprise Fans, 2NE1 Appears At Coachella 2022 Stage


2NE1 Managed To Surprise Fans After Their Reunion On The 2022 Coachella Stage Singing The Song ‘I Am The Best’, Along With Their Extraordinary Performance That Was Flooded With Praise!

After a long time, 2NE1 got together again and performed together. Surprisingly, 2NE1 appeared together on the 2022 “Coachella” stage.

This performance has been their appearance together since 2015. At first, fans did not expect that all 2NE1 members would appear.

However, it is different with CL . Because CL is indeed rumored to be appearing on the “HITC Forever” stage, Coachella Main Stage.

On that occasion, 2NE1 sang “I Am The Best” and successfully treated the longing of fans, during the CL stage. They also put together an extraordinary performance in front of the audience.

2NE1’s appearance apparently managed to shock the fans. Because they did not expect that 2NE1 would reunite and perform on the Coachella 2022 stage.

Because of the shock, many netizens admitted that they were moved to tears. They were also busy praising the appearance of CL, Park Bom , Minzy and Sandara Park . Moreover, according to netters, their appearance is considered broken and stunning.

” GOKILLLL, ” exclaimed the account @kaco . ” Surprised to swear, like what you’ve been waiting for all this time has finally materialized, ” commented the @pral account . “ HORRIBLE. ” wrote the netter account @ul*dy .

“I was so surprised, I can’t bear it, it’s a reunion at coachella, ” commented the account @ sn*ic . “ Queen!!!! I’m really surprised… I’m glad they finally performed together again, ” said the account @ mare . ” It’s so crazy crazy crazy, chasing me, thanks coachella, thanks rising88 thanks CL and thankyou so much to Bom, dara and minzy, ” added the account @rizw .


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