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Still Often Insecure, Rose BLACKPINK Crying About Job At New Interview

Still Often Insecure, Rose BLACKPINK Crying About Job At New Interview

Rolling Stone Asked If The Constant Desire To Improve Could Be A Burden To Rose. The Idol Admits That He Often Feels Insecure.

Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) admits that she often feels insecure about her job in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Like all idols, Rose is known to have high standards when it comes to her appearance. Rolling Stone asked if this constant desire to keep growing could be a burden to him.

Rose was honest in admitting that it might be difficult for her. The 1997-born idol also admitted that he was very jealous of those who were confident in every aspect of their lives.

“Sometimes I see someone who is very confident, and I admire that. I wish I was like that too. I’m very insecure about it, but only because I care so much about it,” he said.

At just 25 years old, Rose continues to develop as a person. Rose said that she is still trying to develop her confidence.

While some may view a lack of self-confidence and insecurity as negative personality traits, Rose believes that they are key components for any artist to strive for their best.

“Insecurity is not a negative thing, it’s one of the most powerful drivers of good art. I thought I was just vulnerable!” concluded the owner of the name Park Chaeyoung.

In particular, Rose shared her thoughts on why feeling nervous and sometimes feeling insecure proves how much you love the job you are doing.

“Back then, if I was nervous, it would weigh a lot on me, because you just wanted to relax, right? But being nervous about something, to really care about something, that’s what makes life so interesting and fun,” she said.

After being asked what made her think of all this, Rose became very emotional and burst into tears. “Why am I crying? Oh my God, that’s so weird. I’m sorry. I hate myself for this, it’s so funny.”

Even though BLACKPINK has been around for six years, Rose explained that the path to success is finding the perfect balance between vulnerability and intimacy.

“I also really enjoy that feeling of vulnerability and really want or crave something, I really enjoy that feeling. So I don’t want to lose it,” he said.

Rose clearly loves music so much that thinking about her vulnerable feelings can make the idol emotional and cry.

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