Starting From Being Offered A Drink, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had Dreams Of Becoming A Flight Attendant


Before Deciding To Become An Idol, Various Inspirations Came To Lisa BLACKPINK So That She Was Interested In Becoming A Flight Attendant After Boarding A Plane With Her Parents.

BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa is not only a leading K-Pop rapper and dancer, she is also an accomplished model who represents some of the biggest brands in the world. From fashion brands like BVLGARI and Celine to make-up brands like MAC, Lisa has always been a role model.

However, before Lisa became a celebrity she was an impressionable kid who had a completely different dream. In a recent interview with American magazine Rolling Stone, Lisa revealed that she originally wanted to be a flight attendant.

All of her dreams started when Lisa traveled to Singapore with her mother and father. He was immediately attracted to the beautiful uniform worn by the airline stewardess.

“I wanted to be a flight attendant. I went to Singapore with my family. Then I saw a beautiful flight attendant on Singapore Airlines wearing this uniform—a very long dress with sleeves up to the elbows, maybe purple fabric, with a pattern,” Lisa explained.

Until now, Lisa still remembers the simple conversation she had with one of the flight attendants. Just then, the flight attendant offered Lisa if she wanted some milk, she excitedly said yes and accepted.

“And the older sister spoke to me in English, ‘Would you like some milk?’ And I answered, ‘Wow, yes please!'” Lisa explained enthusiastically.

After that, Lisa begged her mother to buy a uniform like the flight attendant. And her mother kindly obeyed Lisa’s wishes at that time. Unfortunately, her dream couldn’t come true because Lisa didn’t meet one requirement, which was not tall enough considering she was still very young.

This requirement is necessary because flight attendants are expected to help passengers place their luggage in the upper compartment. As a result, her dream of becoming a flight attendant was buried.

“So as soon as we landed in Singapore, I begged my mother to buy me a uniform like the flight attendant. But unfortunately, I didn’t meet the height requirements because I had to be tall enough to reach the overhead baggage,” said Lisa.

Of course, if Lisa’s dream is achieved, she will become a beautiful flight attendant. However, it seems that his dream is more solid to become an idol considering that he really likes dancing and music.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is reported to be making a comeback in the near future. This will be a long wait for fans after the members carry out their solo activities.


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