Spoiler All of Us Are Dead Season 2: What Happened to Park Hee Soo’s Baby?

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean drama with the theme of a Zombie outbreak.

In All of Us Are Dead , a zombie outbreak broke out in one of the schools in South Korea and started attacking students.

There is an interesting All of Us Are Dead story and it becomes a question that is related to the continuation of life that will be lived by babies born during the outbreak

The zombie apocalypse will affect the lives of a diverse group of people. Park Hee Soo is a student at Hyosan High School.

However, on the day when it became ground zero for the zombie outbreak, he was seen leaving the school grounds while the other students huddled there for the day.

It was later revealed that she was pregnant. In episode 3, she gave birth to her child in a public toilet. If you’re wondering what happened to baby Park Hee Soo in All of Us Are Dead .

Did the Baby Die?

No, baby Park Hee Soo didn’t die in All of Us Are Dead . When she gave birth to her child, Hee-Su had no idea that a zombie apocalypse was unfolding around her.

His plan was to leave the boy in the restroom, and he did. But then, he ventured outside and found that the world had gone to hell in a hand basket.

The plague had begun to spread throughout the city. Hee Soo rushes back to the restroom, picks up her son, and runs.

Finally, he was bitten. He finds himself at Cheongsan Chicken, a restaurant run by Lee Cheong-san’s (Chan-Young Yoon) parents.

As she starts to turn around, Hee-Su puts her baby down on one of the stools and then straps herself to the door so she won’t be able to hurt her child when she becomes a zombie.

This is how detective Song Jae-il and auxiliary police officer Jeon Ho-cheol found them when they arrived at the restaurant while trying to go to school to retrieve Lee Byeong-chan’s laptop.

Once a consummate police officer, Jae-il decides to take the baby with them.

They also rescue a young girl, who makes Ho-cheol anxious, who is not as altruistic as his impulsive partner.

She ends up getting irritated with Jae-il when it seems to run away with the kids, leaving Jae-il behind.

However, Ho-cheol finally returns by bus and saves Jae-il and the Gibberish People from a group of zombies.

In episode 8, when they try to get to safety with a young girl and baby Hee Soo.

They accidentally bump into Min Eun-ji, who doesn’t die because by then she has become a middle-aged, non-human mutation.

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