Spider-Man: No Way Home Successfully Earns Over $1 Billion in International Market

A few months ago we must have heard that Spider-Man: No Way Home , grossed $1 billion on its domestic shutter alone (US and beyond). And not to deny, this achievement is truly fantastic.

But it’s not surprising either. Because we ourselves also believed from the beginning that this would happen. The reason is that apart from being a Spider-Man film that many people will definitely like, this third film is also part of the MCU .

Well okay, one more thing is because of the nostalgia effect and the multiverse concept . So with all of these factors in mind, it’s no wonder once again that the film is a huge success.

Box-Office Worldwide!

Now, the ridiculousness of this income is finally getting super crazy again. Because launching Murphy’s Multiverse , Spider-Man: No Way Home has now managed to reach $ 1 billion in the international box-office market.

Because of this achievement, the total box-office of Spider-Man: No Way Home has now reached $1,739 billion. This achievement can not be separated from the massive income in several countries of the world such as: UK: $120.1 million, Mexico: $74.4 million, South Korea: $61.5 million, and France: $61.2 million.

Now look at the film, which even until the beginning of February 2022 is still high in reverberation, and the home video will also be released later . So, it is not impossible at all if No Way Home will later reach $ 2 billion.

Can The Batman Surpass It?

Once again, it is extraordinary how much profit this No Way Home has achieved. But it’s not wrong is it? The film is indeed good and deserves all of these advantages.

Now we just have to see if The Batman , which will be released on March 4, 2022, will be able to beat No Way Home . Because the latest Batman movie is also very hype . Anyway, we are really looking forward to it.

If you can, then this will certainly be fun and really cool. Now, what do you think about Spider-Man: No Way Home , which made $1 billion in international markets?

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