Songbird Review (2020): Hollywood soap operas with COVID frills


This Songbird review contains no spoilers at all.

Although since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, all activities in the world have come to a halt, the fact is that this has not stopped the inspiration of all filmmakers. The point here, as we have noticed, is that during the pandemic, there were a lot of film releases with the theme or based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of them, is this Songbird . This film, directed by Adam Mason ( Luster, Blood River ) and produced by Michael Bay ( Transformers ), is a semi-fictional version of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, in the film which was actually released on December 11, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has now mutated into COVID-23. And of course this mutation is far more dangerous, one of which is airborne .

Even though this premise is semi-fantasy, at the same time it feels real and very interesting. But unfortunately, this film does not focus entirely on that premise.

So that makes Songbird look nothing more than a ‘milking money’ film during this pandemic. As a result, Songbird is a film that quite disappointed us all. Why do I say that? Just take a look at the following Songbird review .

Focus On Aspects That Shouldn’t Be

As I said at the beginning, the interesting premise about the COVID-19 pandemic, which is now in 2024 (whoops 3 years from now!) has mutated into COVID-23, has a very funny and interesting premise.

But unfortunately Bay and Mason, who also wrote the script, didn’t even focus on that aspect. They even focus more on the drama aspect like a soap opera. This film focuses more on several characters in this film who are experiencing personal problems during the pandemic.

There’s Nico Price (KJ Apa), a courier who wants to meet his longtime girlfriend, Sara Garcia (Sofia Carson). Then there are husband and wife, William Griffin (Bradley Whitford) and Piper Griffin (Demi Moore).

Well, they both have a daughter named Emma Griffin (Lia McHugh) who has an auto-immune disease. To pay for their child’s treatment and to be able to live their daily lives, both of them do business which is unfortunately illegal.

Specifically, William and Piper sell immunity bracelets . As the name implies, whoever will wear this bracelet, then he is considered safe regardless of the possibility, he actually suffers from COVID.

As if adding to his misgivings, William secretly has an affair with a beautiful singer and YouTuber, May (Alexandra Daddario). Oh yes, one more thing, there is a former veteran of the Afghan role who also likes to monitor the surroundings with his drone, Michael Dozer (Paul Walter Hauser).

Michael and May will later help each other after the danger that threatens May. Also, Michael will later help Nico and Sara to meet each other. And the cool thing is, he does it all from a wheelchair.

And yes all these different stories will be intertwined with each other at the end of the film. How do Bay and Mason relate? Well , please just watch the film okay.

Definitely Don’t Wear COVID Pandemic Background

If you read the plot a bit dizzy and complicated, well don’t. Because if we watch it live it won’t be complicated. In fact, once again, it’s like watching a soap opera.

But if when you read it you feel strange with the focus of the direction, HAPPY your reaction is the right reaction. Because as I said in the previous point, the problem with Songbird is that the concept of story direction is misdirected.

In my opinion, if the direction is more focused on the dramatic aspect and the conflict, don’t use the background or appendages of the COVID pandemic. Moreover, as you have also read, the background and premise of COVID is very promising.

Why didn’t they carry a plot where many people panicked and devised a strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-23? Or it could also plot how to cure this virus? Yes, it’s more or less like the movie Contagion (2011).

As a result, it’s not surprising that in the opening paragraph I said that this film was just taking advantage of the momentum from the existing pandemic. And the background of this pandemic is only a semi-“patch”. Or just being able to look relevant to the timeline of the film’s release.

Okay Acting From Big Names

Although conceptually the plot is very disappointing, at least through this Songbird review I can say that this film is still quite entertaining IF you don’t think about my complaint earlier.

If you really have a mind-set when watching the film to be entertained or according to the concept they stretcher, this film is still really enjoyable . What’s more, the performance of all the actors, who are generally big names, is okay and “stable”.

Moore, Whitford, as the 2 top senior names in this film certainly don’t need to be doubted. Moreover, Moore, who quite shines in the film. The beauty with beautiful eyes, Daddario is okay too. Even though it’s okay, it’s not much different from his performance in his other films.

What surprised me was Apa and Garcia. To be honest, before watching this film, I didn’t know the two of them at all. But after watching the performance of the two, I now know who the two are.

Specifically, both of them are really cool actors. The appearance and chemistry of the two in this film successfully makes us baper ourselves. Especially, for those of us who during this COVID pandemic have always been and are still separated from their partners (not meeting).

Entertaining But Massive Misconception

As a result of all the positive and negative aspects that have been mentioned in this Songbird review , overall this film might still be entertaining. ORIGIN, we do not see it or care about the side of the concept / premise that they stretch.

But if you are the type who cares about what is “sold”, then you will be disappointed. Because once again, Songbird doesn’t focus at all on the premise of the danger, impact, or handling of COVID-23. This film focuses more on aspects of love-love drama and other conflicts like Indonesian soap operas.

The premise and background of COVID is nothing more than just a patch. And indeed, with this strategy, Bay and the studio have definitely made a lot of profit.

If you are really interested in watching the film, Songbird has been released on November 24, 2021. Hopefully this Songbird review is useful!

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