Song Kang And Park Min Young Hug In The New Teaser ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’, Back?


JTBC Has Finally Shared Footage Of The Latest Episode Of The Drama ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Which Features Sweet Moments From Song Kang And Park Min Young.

The JTBC drama ” Forecasting Love and Weather ” has indeed been highlighted by fans. This drama is known to star Song Kang and Park Min Young .

“Forecasting Love and Weather” itself tells about a story that describes the love and work life of employees at the Korea Meteorological Administration. Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) and Lee Shi Woo (Song Kang) are the two people who work there. The two then fell in love with each other.


In the new episode of “Forecasting Love and Weather” it is known that Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Shi Woo broke up from their relationship but still have feelings. Both also seem to still show the side of attention while in the office.

In the new trailer shown by JTBC, the characters Song Kang and Park Min Young seem to be having a serious conversation. The two then embraced sweetly.

” Ha Kyung & Shi Woo, warm hugs Continue! Please reunite me again, ” JTBC wrote in the post.

The moment Song Kang and Park Min Young seemed to hint that the two would be in a relationship again. Moreover, in episode 15 footage, Song Kang revealed “I still love you very much”.

Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love and Weather” will air its new episode today, Saturday (2/4) and tomorrow Sunday (3/4). This will be the final story of Song Kang and Park Min Young. This drama will be replaced with ” My Liberation Notes ” starring Kim Ji Won , Lee Min Ki , and Lee El .


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