Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Young Photo At The Same Restaurant, Dating?

Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Young Were Seen Sharing Moments Taken At The Restaurant That Looked The Same Through Their Respective Personal Instagram Accounts, Did They Meet?

Every South Korean celebrity upload always manages to get the attention of fans. Especially if these celebrities are known to rarely share their new portraits through their respective personal Instagrams.

Recently, Park Bo Young ‘s new upload which was successful received the spotlight from fans. Park Bo Young seemed to share moments enjoying food at one of the restaurants.

Park Bo Young seemed to really enjoy the food. ” Cold noodles when hot, ” said the beautiful actress born in 1990 while giving a cold emoji.

This portrait of Park Bo Young immediately reminded me of Song Joong Ki ‘s upload through his personal Instagram account. In mid-March, Song Joong Ki also shared the moment he was eating at a restaurant.

The restaurant that Song Joong Ki visited looked very similar to the one in Park Bo Young’s photo. Starting from the decorations to the large bowls used.

Fans of the film ” Werewolf Boy ” seemed to immediately expect the portrait of Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young to be their reunion moment. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young had indeed made them anxious when they starred in the film, which was released in 2012 ago.

” A werewolf boy reunion! i said what i said (Werewolf boy reunion! I said what I wanted to say), ” said a fan who sent a tweet to Twitter @kdrama_menfess , Monday (11/4).

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