Song Ji Hyo Feels It’s Complicated To Join A Chat Group, Calls Many Chats Not Important


Song Ji Hyo Openly Expressed Her Opinion About Joining A Chat Group From Kakaotalk’s Instant Messages. In Between, The Actress Feels Uncomfortable If Too Many Messages Come In From The Chat.

In fact, Yoo Jae Seok is not the only one who claims he doesn’t want to be too active on social media. Song Ji Hyo also said the same thing even though she actually has an Instagram social media account.

In the episode of SBS variety show ” Running Man ]” which aired a special broadcast after breaking through 600 episodes, the members celebrated with lots of fun. Including chatting and giving viewers the opportunity to ask questions about the members and the program’s broadcast.

The members also answered several questions sent by fans to celebrate the 600th episode of the show. When Yoo Jae Seok was asked why not immediately have the Kakaotalk instant messaging that most people use, Song Ji Hyo then agreed with Yoo Jae Seok’s opinion.

“If I use Kakaotalk, when a phone number that I know appears, I feel that I have to greet them one by one. And there are hundreds of messages in the group chat room, I’m tired,” explained Yoo Jae Seok revealing the reason for not wanting to have the instant message .

“Sometimes I feel there are too many unnecessary messages in the Kakaotalk chat room,” said Song Ji Hyo chimed in. It seems that this is also the basis if Song Ji Hyo feels that Yoo Jae Seok’s opinion is right.

While Kim Jong Kook said that unnecessary messages might also be fun, Song Ji Hyo gave another very independent view. “I don’t want to give up on things just for fun things that last a little while,” he said.

Besides, it was reported that the guest star of “Running Man” in their next latest episode was Joo Woo Jae . When news of Joo Woo Jae’s appearance spread, positive reactions poured in on various social media and online communities.

Meanwhile, “Running Man” has broadcast its special episode with great fanfare. Many fans of this show flooded with congratulations on the broadcast record that this variety show has.


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